02 September, 2009


that may be a slight exaggeration but believe me fall is in the air!!

and my fall clothes are trapped here!! long pants, 3/4 sleeves, light sweaters all buried behind the pile of furniture that was moved to allow tim to replace the window in this bedroom. i never thought the weather would change this quickly or this soon. i also thought that tim would finish this room before tackling the kitchen. wrong on both accounts!! no doubt we'll have another round of warm days before fall starts in earnest but this morning it would have been so satisfying to rummage through the drawers pulling out favorites - comfortable, familiar, warm - for these next few days. this is my favorite time of year for dressing. i hate the survival mode of dressing that a hot nebraska summer forces on me. even a simple necklace seems like too much when its 90+ degrees. i want to wear clothes. i want to accessorize. i want to feel dressed.


Secondstreetdesigns said...

i agree- i can't wait to make some soup!

bethany said...

Ilona, you and I are seasonal soulmates. I couldn't agree with you more! The summer in Wisconsin (like Nebraska) can be brutal, and accessories fly out the door on the sticky, warm days! So, fall is the absolute best dressing season...the options are limitless! Scarves, necklaces, bracelets, etc. all come out for me.

Hope you can get to those cozy clothes in the next few weeks! :)