30 March, 2010

Catching up

Friday night the Garden Club was invited to attend the annual Gothenburg Chamber of Commerce banquet, as we were one of three to receive an award for outstanding community volunteers efforts. (other honorees are active in the community theater and the VFW Honor Guard)

Today is my get-everything-done-before-we-leave-for-Aidan's-birthday day. Tim left for Omaha this morning for budget "week", he'll be back sometime Thursday - unpack, repack and off we go!! I've done three sets of chapter review questions since Saturday, and now just have one chapter left to read and turn in questions for econ. I have a library assignment to write.(and maybe a post for next week - just to get ahead.) I'll have an econ test when I get back and as I plan to blow off both english and ethics for the next few days, I'll have plenty waiting for me when I return.
I've got laundry going. I will be cleaning out the fridge, eating from the freezer. I've got eggs for Aidan that need to be finished and birthday presents to wrap. Work Wednesday and Thursday, pack and go!
It seems doubtful that I will get anything done outside but I did take this picture of the trellis Naphtali gave me for Christmas. This may be a temporary location (at an opening along the fence between us and the neighbor)or not...I had hoped it might be enough to keep Charlie from going through. We'll see. I have crocuses up, tulips coming up,and lots of perennials' leaves starting to green-up. Charlie and I are planning a walk this afternoon.

25 March, 2010

who knew?

We've all heard variations on the theory of raising the temperature on a frog, right? Let me tell you how that theory is playing out at our house.Not being the type of thing most people think about it should nonetheless be no surprise to hear that Tim thinks that dogs should have their own place to sleep and that place is not in the bedroom.
While Charlie was sick it was convenient to allow him to sleep in our room at night.(remember that Tim was out of town for that first week and has been in and out since) Charlie has what I assume is a comfortable cushion to call his own. In the living room. When we go to bed he is comfortably, if somewhat disconsolately, ensconced thereon. Recently, there have been several mornings when one or the other of us have tripped over Charlie at the foot of our bed! Tim mumbles a protest and goes on his way. This scene is repeated, to my amusement, the next day....

I, who have always eschewed blue ink, am being converted to its use.

google images - who knew!?

21 March, 2010

look what I found

We've finally had some sunshine. We also had what I hope was our last skiff of snow on Friday and are ready for spring. Tim is talking about bringing the bikes up from the backyard shed. I've walked around and looked at my pathetic flower beds - with the unexpected early snow last fall I never got the flower beds cleaned out and they now have winter debris on top of fall leftovers hiding little green shoots and it all needs attention.

I'll add a dream to keep the theme going - there has been talk of Jacob and Kate coming out some time this summer and Leslie (thanks!)offered us their cabin for a weekend if we can coordinate schedules for James, Nahtali and Aidan to join us. I'm dreaming of a lazy afternoon on the dock......

16 March, 2010

the blink of an eye

I have no photo specifically to accompany this post but I know some readers need the visuals so I pulled this from the archives because it is a favorite and gives me hope that the sun will shine. Flowers will bloom.

Charlie is doing well. The cone of shame has been returned to the vet. We hope to walk later this afternoon. Thanks for the inquiries.

We've had good phone calls from Jacob and Naphtali.

Tim made a quick trip to Fort Collins on Sunday when Iva (his mother), on a visit to her niece, Cheryl, threw a stroke. Iva is doing pretty well. Leslie and John went out yesterday to join Tim. These are the times that cell phones prove their worth. Plans were made, (some of my time and energy was diverted to assist Tim and prepare for the arrival of Leslie and John), changed and remade. And more have yet to be made. I think Tim is coming home tonight.

I also had a funeral on Monday - an 8 year old boy, killed in a car accident. The saddest of sad days. Thankfully it remains a rare occurance in my world.
Hannah Thompson,
Peter Sahr
Michael Reyna.
It's good to remember their names.

I just got off the phone with Tim. It wasn't a stroke - it appears to be seizure related which changes everything. I don't think he's coming home tonight - and we we're cut off. Did I just say more decisions to be made?

I have homework to attend.....

05 March, 2010

The Saga Continues

Tuesday morning found us making a mad dash for the vet's office. I'd left Charlie alone for 5 minutes - a quick bathroom break - when he opened his sutures!!
I made the phone call, threw on some clothes, brushed my teeth, (applied eyebrows and powder)and we were out the door.

He spent most of the day at the vet's. His fancy new headgear is only for when I'm not here. I'll admit I've laughed at him. He can't see anything if its not right in front of his nose. He can't get his nose close enough to the ground to find anything. He has trouble remembering his turning radius has increased.

I worked yesterday. Came home at the midway point and found him right where I'd left him. Sleeping is good for his recuperation, which as of Tuesday, is back to square one.