29 October, 2008


random thoughts are always welcome. the scale of the walls in the living room has thus far kept them blank. which i don't mind.
i don't want a series of fillers ...patience doesn't cost me anything. i have thought about painting the window frame to match the wall.these i put up this summer in my hallway. i took a piece of scrapbook paper, rotated and copied it 4 times to frame and hang.

27 October, 2008

busy weekend

it was a very busy weekend. i had projects. tim had projects. we had unexpected mutual projects. did i think to take pictures?? noooo. we had a branch down from the snow/wind storm the other day. in order to get to it tim had to cut quite a few branches from the maple tree and several of the walnut. did i get a picture of the damage?? nope. did i record the bundles piled all over the yard?? no way. was the work in the basement recorded for posterity?? not a chance. my sewing? the plants? my spraypainting?? you get the idea. sunday night rolled around and i realized my only hope was in the furniture being moved around in the living room so here you are...

it was a productive couple of days. kind of compensated for all the reading time i've logged lately.

had a call from jacob. we leave for connecticut on thursday. i've got piles of this, that and a few other things started in the spare bedroom. we're looking forward to the trip.

20 October, 2008

movie material??

i generally don't read sets/series back to back but made an exception with appaloosa and resolution. someone at work had commented on the scarcity of dialogue in appaloosa, wondering how it could be made into a movie. so i decided to read it. if you happen to like your cowboy (pictures) long, lean and taciturn this could work just fine. it will be interesting to see what they've done with it.

12 October, 2008

but who's counting??

daniel silva is finished. tana french's the likeness is done. i'm on my way upstairs for a break (i have a sink of dishes to do) before starting the new john lecarre. i do have to work tomorrow so this can't be an all-nighter but i do want to get started

11 October, 2008

and did i mention

that tonight's reading pleasure will be maximized by the use of

the fireplace??!!

this old fiberglass unit (complete with blower fan and a revolving multicolored plastic sleeve behind the molded logs)was in the basement when we bought the house and due to the layout of the room i used it for hanging christmas stockings etc but never as a heat source. since tim divided the space down here both the room and the fireplace are more usable. today has been cold and damp - just the kind of fall day that calls for a fire, a blankie and a good book. mmmmm and a fresh-from-the-oven slice of bread with butter. mmmmm

a busy day

the bread is rising, errands have been run,

projects accomplished (actually i have one left)

flannel sheets on the bed, laundry washed, dried and put away,

charlie has spent the day pouting (with prodigious disneyesque sighs)and thinking (in my best disneyesque interpretation) that i could just have well gone to work today for all the benefit he's had from my being home all day....it really is all about him.
we'll have supper, put our feet up (or mine at least) and read.

10 October, 2008

decisions, decisions

i made the bundt cake for thursday. it was very good. i think i'll have fun with the new pan.

my morning started with my annual (and i've actually gone two years in a row!!) physical. it is a lovely day so charlie and i walked when i got home. i should probably mow today because it is supposed to turn cold and rainy for the weekend.

this is where the decisions come in...
tim is leaving for fort dodge early in the morning. he has a meeting in lincoln on tuesday and he sometimes extends the trip to include fd when he's already on that side of the state. so the house is mine for the next few days and i have many options to fill my time this weekend. i have garden club stuff to work on, garden stuff to work on. i want to bake bread. some sewing, a couple craft projects. why not go to kearney or north platte for some shopping?? plus the standard weekend cleaning, laundry etc. a responsible, productive use of my time. the other side of the coin is sleep in, finish the daniel silva. i have another book started that is calling my name even now. and i brought the new john lecarre home. what's a girl to do???

07 October, 2008

making an appearrance

it has been awhile since i last wrote anything. it has been one of the periods where you are busy but really can't find anything interesting to say about the daily routines. so here is a brief, pictureless update.

our garden club met today. carol had us for brunch and she made some delicious scones and pear bread to go with her quiche. she also had devonshire cream and a concoction of maralade and butter mmmmmm. we won 2 awards at the regional convention and discussed a fall cleanup at the city park we sponsor.

tim was bowling last night so i caught up on some magazines and cookbooks (!!) thursday is our children's day at the library. we have 5 sessions of 20-25 3,4 &5 year olds. i run the desk for the day while the others are run ragged by the pace of the day. i've gotten in the habit of bringing treats for the afternoon break. i have my eye on a bundt cake recipe for this week. so i had to buy a bundt pan today. herbergers had their nordic ware on sale and i had an extra 'good customer' coupon so i got it verrrry cheap.

i also found a good looking bread recipe and decided it was time to bake bread again. would you believe i also had to buy loaf pans?? all i have is the small ones. and the pair i thought i bought today turned out to be one pan with holes that fits into the other for drainage....they are going back. and i'll have to pay better attention. but in the meantime i talked with naphtali and saw the recipe featured on her blog and am looking forward to trying that.

this will have to do for now.