07 October, 2008

making an appearrance

it has been awhile since i last wrote anything. it has been one of the periods where you are busy but really can't find anything interesting to say about the daily routines. so here is a brief, pictureless update.

our garden club met today. carol had us for brunch and she made some delicious scones and pear bread to go with her quiche. she also had devonshire cream and a concoction of maralade and butter mmmmmm. we won 2 awards at the regional convention and discussed a fall cleanup at the city park we sponsor.

tim was bowling last night so i caught up on some magazines and cookbooks (!!) thursday is our children's day at the library. we have 5 sessions of 20-25 3,4 &5 year olds. i run the desk for the day while the others are run ragged by the pace of the day. i've gotten in the habit of bringing treats for the afternoon break. i have my eye on a bundt cake recipe for this week. so i had to buy a bundt pan today. herbergers had their nordic ware on sale and i had an extra 'good customer' coupon so i got it verrrry cheap.

i also found a good looking bread recipe and decided it was time to bake bread again. would you believe i also had to buy loaf pans?? all i have is the small ones. and the pair i thought i bought today turned out to be one pan with holes that fits into the other for drainage....they are going back. and i'll have to pay better attention. but in the meantime i talked with naphtali and saw the recipe featured on her blog and am looking forward to trying that.

this will have to do for now.


Valerie said...

This is good. As much as I loved the story about Aidan, I wondered what was happening with you. Staffing the desk is definitely the way to go. Do you take turns being in the pit?

downthegardenpath said...

goodness - i've never had such a quick response.
you know how it goes - in the midst of ordinary, routine days you just don't see anything blogworthy. so i mowed the lawn. the leaves are falling. i opted not to weed yet again. etc etc etc.
and no - i stay upstairs - that's why i bake.

Valerie said...

My name is Valerie, and I have become a blog addict. I make a quick run through my favorites at the beginning and at the end of my day in the office. I am trying to keep the number of my favorites down, but it is not easy. So now you know why I was glad to see a new post. I try to avoid looking at your book list!

downthegardenpath said...

admitting you have a problem etc etc. and this is after i saw your comment to naphtali posted at 5:53 am!!