25 August, 2011

22 July, 2011

A Beginning

I spent last week in Grimes.  Not realizing that we were headed for the hottest week of the year I had dug up some of my lavender to transplant.  I dug out several bushes,

 which was really hard work, along the driveway, planted the lavender, and well, lets' just say they deserved a better fate.  I was able to find some fresh plants when I returned to Nebraska and will baby them until I can get them in the ground in Iowa - probably next week.  It.was.so.hot.  It was almost too hot to walk Charlie already at 7:30/8:00 each morning.

I also did paperwork and orientation at the Grimes Public Library.  My first day will be Tuesday, August 2.  This means that I will probably wait until late next week to return to Grimes.  We'll see.

On my return to Nebraska I had yard work to do.  I was eaten alive.  There won't be any pictures, but I have welts - some of them 4 inches - on my arms and legs.  They should market an economy size tube of anti-itch stuff.  At my current rate of use I'll need another tube tomorrow.

We still don't have a date for our closing so plans are being made a few days at  time as we wait out these last 2 (or so) weeks.

I also have plans to phase out this blog but have made a start here:
to cover aspects of a new life in Grimes/Des Moines.  Stop over and take a look.
My biggest problem is that I can't find the French audio word of the day gadget, and can't figure out how to transfer it to the new blog.  I may have to keep this blog active just to enjoy that gadget.  Any suggestions?

16 July, 2011

An end

Monday was my last day.
I turned in my key.
I appreciate being able to work some odd hours, after having quit earlier, but it is time to look forward.  While it's possible that our house closing won't happen for several weeks yet, I am
splitting my time between Nebraska and Iowa.
Monday morning will find me at the Grimes Public Library for paperwork and orientation.  

10 July, 2011

A Glimpse...

I'm afraid this may run long....
It's been a very busy week - mowing, weeding, working, planning, laundry, cleaning, packing, waiting, have all taken their turn in claiming my attention.
Here are the promised pictures of last week's trip to Grimes.

I think I could get a job at the circus - stuffing clowns into small cars.  Or parachute folding.  Let me know if you hear of any openings.  (Actually it would be more fun to practice these skills on a suitcase for an exotic vacation)

Knowing this weekend would include some family time, I started right away Saturday afternoon and managed a nap, hung a shower curtain and added some things to my bathroom, distributed the goods I had brought along, swept floors, and added a few touches to the kitchen and bedroom.  I got quite a lot done before Naphtali and Aidan arrived and all work ceased.

It had recently occurred to me that I currently inhabit a bathroom with 8 drawers - 5 of which contain my stuff.

My new bathroom contains 2 drawers, although the linen closet is located inside the room giving me access to whatever I might need.  

Baskets and bins should do the trick.  
Company will claim the use of this bathroom, meaning that I will temporarily share Tim's and need certain things to be somewhat portable.  
(We've had the pleasure of company already, you know)

Aidan and Naphtali came down for part of the weekend and we went to Fort Dodge to see my mother and sister for a while on Sunday.  We grilled kabobs and enjoyed an easy visit.
  Lake Cornelius was Monday's destination for a few hours with the Kauffmans and Larry & Mary, who were enjoying the company of their daughter-in-law and granddaughter.

All the recent drive time has allowed me to consider options for ordering the household  as well as work and school.
I'm tired of living by myself.  There are plans and processes that require me to be in one place - our new place.  Having the prospects of a (very) part-time job at the local library, it may mean I'll want to look for something else, as well, in time.  Transcripts and schedules will need to be coordinated in Nebraska and Iowa to finish my last few classes.  I hope to make a stop at Des Moines Area Community College when I'm in Grimes next week.  

A new blog will also probably make an appearance in the near future.  It seems appropriate to conclude this blog as the Nebraska chapters are brought to a close.  Title and topics are still being tossed around but will no doubt take shape as one by one the last strands holding me here are severed and, in the days ahead, I'm able to move forward.


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