28 June, 2010

Full disclosure

I'll start by giving Tim full credit for solving my computer problems, last weekend. (thanks again) I didn't add any pictures to my last post because I liked the idea of everyone seeing their own images.  You have clutter - you certainly don't need to see mine.... 
So I'm back in business, at my desk.  Last week we had two fairly substantial asignments due in English.  The deadline is always 11:59pm.  One was submitted around 3:00.  For the other I hit the submit button at 11:51pm.  It was a propsal and I'm honestly expecting a train wreck on that one so I have been re-phrasing, fine-tuning, trying to set a firmer, more concise direction for it ever since.  I'm reluctant to log on and see what he has to say....This week's assignments are time consuming but don't carry the weight of last weeks.  Needless-to-say ( which is why I'm saying it, eh?) I'll be spending a lot of time at my desk.  Again.
This week I'm also working two, full 8-hour days, filling in for a vacationing co-worker.  I know I'll come home tired at the end of the day, tempted to claim the privilege of vegging, but I will need to be a responsible adult and put in some time with homework.  Being a grownup has its drawbacks....
We've had heat.  We've had mosquitos.  We've had weeds.  Lovely, healthy abundant weeds.  And basil, rosemary and cilantro.

20 June, 2010

Due to technical difficulties...

The photos I wanted to include for this post are on my laptop, while I am on Tim's computer - so they will be added later. (feel free to envision the following scenes anyway you like)

Tim has said that the amount of clutter on the kitchen table is a good way to gauge my stress/distraction levels.  Hmmm what would this picture suggest?:

(insert image of clutter)

I did no school work yesterday.  We took a drive, meandering through the sandhills, pointing at clouds and trains and washouts.  Chitchat ruled the day.  It was a palate-cleansing day, therapeutic,and companionable.  Tim grilled chicken when we got home.  We watched some golf...

(insert scenery)

  I slept over ten (10) hours both Friday and Saturday nights, with a short nap while we were driving.  I hope that catches me up on sleep!  This morning I cleaned off the table.  There is laundry in the washing machine and a few outside chores calling for my attention.  Homework will happen.  Rain is threatening.  Tim is getting the oil changed in his car.  We already did the Father's Day gifts and I will add a quick word of appreciation for his help and support.  (and the lawn mowing)

 (insert image of buff guy mowing lawn)

Today I'm feeling mellow yet recharged.  Tomorrow it will be business as usual for both of us and I think we're ready.  Hope you are, too.

(insert image of glorious sunrise)

19 June, 2010

Cue the music...

In the first communication I've had from my sister, in weeks, (many weeks) I realized we'd recently been passengers on the same train of thought.

It will sound odd, no doubt, but we'd both been thinking about - me!  More accurately about the variety of experiences and accomplishments I've had in the last several years.

To me, it's an interesting list, but you're welcome to tune out at this point.  Some of these were mutual recollections for Valerie and me, some are included simply because they  are significant to me.
2003 saw the move to Nebraska.  Frankly, I'm surprised we're still here.  Since then, I've become quite comfortable making the 9+ hour drive to the Cities to visit the Kahls. How about the cross country drive to Connecticut, picking up Kate in Dubuque, so she could join Jacob after his basic training.  There have been hikes in the mountains.  (Tim talked me into making the last effort to reach Black Lake, when I thought I was finished.  I appreciate his knack for knowing when to "push" and when to respect my decisions.)  (I also appreciate that he has done all the mowing this season) Let's mention a job I always wanted, and a blog! I've canoed in and camped at the Boundary Waters Wilderness Area.  There was a half-marathon, undertaken and completed with my sister.  I've become a college student.  I got a dog, for pete's sake!    Who knows what lies ahead?  These challenges have given me confidence, preparing the way for new adventures....

13 June, 2010

I wish...

Oh, that the umbrella I could be using right now were planted on a sunny beach!!
It has been a weekend of "emergencies" (read Tim is gone for the weekend)  I have a borrowed dvd stuck in the player.  No TV reception.  No wireless.  The spin cycle on my washer needs to be run several times for each load of laundry....

There are many times when I wonder what my rain gauge reads then realize it will do no good to check it because I haven't emptied it.  Yesterday morning I emptied it.  It was overflowing.  It registers over 6 inches - but it has rained off and on since Thursday (Wednesday?) and I know it hadn't been emptied...so (unfortunately) we can say that over the last several days we have received more than 6 inches of rain.  Friday night three separate lines of storms came through the area breaking branches and dumping  - by other accounts - between 3.5 - 5 inches of rain.  Which would explain the water I sopped out of one corner of my basement Saturday morning.

The four inches of water that I emptied from the rain gauge today would account for the water I sopped out of the basement again this morning. These are, of course,  temporary inconveniences.  My heart aches for the families caught by the storms in Arkansas...

It's still raining.  Tim will be home later this afternoon.  Charlie and I have plenty to occupy our time....

04 June, 2010

BWCA - Chapter 2

Our tent was tall enough at one end to sit up comfortably. The other end was tall enough to flex your ankles.  With the addition of Aidan, this tent was no longer big enough for the Kahls, so  we were able to use it.  The three of them upgraded to the big blue tent.  It even had a secret exit!   Honestly, I thought it was James snoring that first night - it was Aidan!

This was our main camp.  We cooked, talked, watched loons, watched stars, all from this spot.  The ground drops off, where the green disappears in front of James and Aidan, to become our beach.  A lot of time was spent on the beach, pumping water, fishing, skipping rocks, fishing, chasing crawfish, fishing, wandering from point A to point B....
We were very fortunate to be on a point, we could walk around to the other side which formed a small
 cove - all for us. 
 The fishing was magical.  We cooked 20 or so and they caught and released at least that many.

Tim did the cleaning.  His grandpa taught him many years ago. 

Aidan was in the thick of things, on the go, all day long.

We ate fish for breakfast, lunch and supper.  Naphtali had brought a few things - some good choices - to build around in case the fish were scarce.  Someone had used the flat slabs of shale (?) to protect the firepit on three sides, as well as providing a piece on top, which we used as a "warming tray."  I can't offer an expert's opinion but it seemed an effective windbreak and firebuilding was never a problem.

01 June, 2010

Change of plans

I had soooo much trouble with my laptop this morning.  The original plan was school work.  Couldn't get past the first page of anything.  OK.  Plan B was use Tim's computer.  It was no better.  Plan C - blog.  That wouldn't work either.  I hit the button once and logged out - I don't know what happened next.....
So, last Thursday Tim and I left for the Cities.  Naphtali and James have traditionally gone to the Boundary Waters over Memorial Day weekend.  I have gone up to stay with Aidan. This year they decided he was old enough to go along, and invited Tim and I to join them, as well.  Aidan was a delightful camping companion.  He worked hard, didn't complain, snored effectively enough to keep the bears at bay, fished, paddled, chatted, skipped rocks, used an ax, chased mudbugs all with a smile on his face. (a face which had recently lost 2 front teeth)  The major packing was done before bedtime Thursday night.  We had 3 large packs for sleeping bags, tents, cooking and rain gear - camp stuff. We also had smaller (typical) backpacks with food and personal stuff. 

This is some of the gear in the living room the night before we left on our adventure.

Yes, this is the last picture I took before we hit the road Friday morning. 

We drove about 4 hours north and stopped for breakfast.
I think we were in Ely.

We picked up life jackets, paddles, canoes, permits and licenses and set out.

The CRV (cute recreational vehicle) worked great.  Plenty of space to stash everything, 3 comfortably seated in back, easy on the gas.....

                                                                  1/2 way there.

  According to the map it was just short of 10 miles (or maybe a bit over 9 1/2) (depends, I 'spose, on how much zigzagging you did)  After roughly (did I say roughly?) 4 hours of paddling we arrived to enjoy the comfort of

Home sweet home.

I'll save the rest for another installment.  The fishing was wild.  Everything tasted sooo good.  The scenery, quiet and enforced restfulness of the place was a treat.