04 June, 2010

BWCA - Chapter 2

Our tent was tall enough at one end to sit up comfortably. The other end was tall enough to flex your ankles.  With the addition of Aidan, this tent was no longer big enough for the Kahls, so  we were able to use it.  The three of them upgraded to the big blue tent.  It even had a secret exit!   Honestly, I thought it was James snoring that first night - it was Aidan!

This was our main camp.  We cooked, talked, watched loons, watched stars, all from this spot.  The ground drops off, where the green disappears in front of James and Aidan, to become our beach.  A lot of time was spent on the beach, pumping water, fishing, skipping rocks, fishing, chasing crawfish, fishing, wandering from point A to point B....
We were very fortunate to be on a point, we could walk around to the other side which formed a small
 cove - all for us. 
 The fishing was magical.  We cooked 20 or so and they caught and released at least that many.

Tim did the cleaning.  His grandpa taught him many years ago. 

Aidan was in the thick of things, on the go, all day long.

We ate fish for breakfast, lunch and supper.  Naphtali had brought a few things - some good choices - to build around in case the fish were scarce.  Someone had used the flat slabs of shale (?) to protect the firepit on three sides, as well as providing a piece on top, which we used as a "warming tray."  I can't offer an expert's opinion but it seemed an effective windbreak and firebuilding was never a problem.

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