30 January, 2011


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Not only were the skies gray and dull today, but at times you could feel the cold tensile touch of metal in your very bones.

Tim and I had a good weekend.  We were able to wash his car, hang out at Walmart while they changed the oil, and enjoy some sunshine.

We also made it through the recording and transmission of my first required speech, a process that was as nerve-wracking as the actual presentation.  At one point we took the phone apart to borrow batteries to power the camera.... 
But it's done, he's on his way back to Iowa, and, as my friend Scarlet likes to say: "Tomorrow is another day."

21 January, 2011


Tim is on his way home!
I'm trying to get an assignment and some laundry finished so my time is relatively free while he's here, but there are the inevitable distractions...
If I get my distractions out of the way then I can concentrate more effectively on those things calling for my attention.  Right?

 This was taken earlier this week.  During our phone calls Tim had mentioned (several times) that there had been no sunshine on his end of our connection.  So, in his honor, I wore a bit of blue skies to work.  Snow on the ground, clouds above, and just that small band of blue.  Mine came in the form of a 3/4 sleeve pullover from JJill, in a rich but not "royal" shade of blue. Off white tee and pants complete the idea.

Yes, this is my desk chair with Charlie and I in our standard positions:
slogging through homework and
faithful attendant.

Hope you have a good weekend. 

16 January, 2011

I told myself I would do schoolwork until 7:00, but Charlie just informed me that it was suppertime and I thought 7:00!?  Who am I kidding!? 

There has to be something going on outside.  Normally Charlie would nap through the afternoon while I'm doing homework, but today he has sat at attention near the window, pretty much all afternoon.

He's been fed and maybe after this short break I can settle in to study a while longer.  I do have a load of clothes to fold and I need to do my nails tonight.  But I should finish one more section on this assignment...

We have finished our first week of Iowa/Nebraska living. Tim has his work cut out for him. We've talked every night and there will be adjustments. If I told you the local banker came over to introduce himself to Tim would you smile along with me at the unlikely picture that creates?  Adjustments, indeed.

Charlie and I have our routine - the house stays clean.  I pack a box everyday.  I'm also trying to reduce the inventory in the freezer.  Tuesday (Wednesday?) I made a turkey potpie using turkey from Thanksgiving, the last of the potatoes, carrots, frozen peas and pie crusts that I couldn't remember my reason for buying - it's not a staple - so I must have had a specific use in mind.

Anyway - it turned out delicious, will feed me for several days and eliminates some clutter. 

We had someone look at the house yesterday.  The early part of the week was cold (-17 on the thermometer) and snowy (about 8 inches) so maybe no one wanted to be out and around, and we're hoping things will pick up soon.

09 January, 2011


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Today I'm hoping for some of Annie's infectious optimism regarding tomorrow!
 Charlie and I are on are own.

Due to the practical necessities of midwest weather, Tim left yesterday for Iowa Falls. We packed him off with exclamations over the number of belts and shoes and sweaters and bags and winter gear - you get the idea - necessary to sustain his new routine. Snow is predicted, and is in fact falling, and he needed to be there to start his new job on Monday - tomorrow.

He'll do just fine, but we're already missing him. We'll compare notes tomorrow.

Let's take a quick look at what else tomorrow will bring.

The house will officially be on the market. The realtor was here Friday to get things started. We put in a couple days of busy preparations in which a bedroom was painted, everything scrubbed and tidied, and I'm ready. Today I need to clean the blinds and wash a floor, but I'm ready. As things progress I'm sure there will be other adjustments made to how things look, where the next stack of boxes will be put, but when I go to bed tonight it will be ready.  Because I have to take Charlie away during a showing, they will need to give me advance notice, which will make things easier: no surprise visits while I'm away.

Tomorrow brings the beginning of the new semester. I'm hoping that three classes will be the right balance for my time and energy over the next few months.

Tomorrow also marks a full week of antibiotics for the nasty, nasty sinus infection I've been fighting.
Tomorrow will, no doubt, include a snow shovel at some point.

Here's hoping tomorrow treats you well.

04 January, 2011

Mea Culpa

In the midst of all the activity of the weekend, something important was overlooked.


We painted, shifted goods, cleaned cupboards and floors, and and and.  By Sunday night I was in full sinus infection mode (my teeth hurt) with an earache and restricted airflow but even that is no excuse for forgetting to acknowledge

Tim's birthday. 

 The present had been secured before Christmas because I've learned not to make any plans for that week between Christmas and his birthday on January 2.  This has probably worked well, though, because if I'd had the presence of mind to say anything over the weekend - it probably would have been just
Happy Birthday! 
 Today I'm feeling up to the challenge of communicating something (reasonably brief, because he'll squirm with the added attention) about him.

We are about to begin another new adventure, while some might say we've had our fair share of them.  And we have.  We have lived and been and seen and known some amazing people and places and things and opportunities, all because this guy isn't afraid to step out and try something new.  He's good at what he does.  He's level headed, solid in his outlook, focused, generous, self effacing, supportive, compassionate, and working on a set of killer abs (but I was going to be brief).
I've shared his adventures for 30+ years and look forward what's ahead for us. 

Happy birthday, Tim.