24 May, 2010

For Bethany




Hope you're getting your peony fix!

23 May, 2010

Weekend Review

This past week has been very busy.  Rain (days and days of it) kept me from getting much done outside during this break between semesters, but there was plenty to keep me occupied in the house.....

Taking inspiration from Sal, I gave my jewelry some attention.  She had used a papertowel rack to display her bracelets but I realized it would drive me crazy to stack, remove, retrieve everytime I wanted to wear one, which would probably mean I would pass, defeating the whole idea of wearing them because they were on display, rather than kept in a box somewhere.  While at a garage sale I found this mug tree, on a marble base, and decided that it would do the job.  I also added velvet to the box that holds my watches and pins.  A pushover for clever boxes, this one came with a set of stationery and was repurposed several years ago.

I also added a couple more hooks to the back wall of the closet where I hang my neckalces.  Jacob sent two lovely birthstone necklaces for Mother's Day (!) and as I was already doubling up on a couple hooks, it seemed a good time to add the extra hooks.
Charlie enjoyed his fair share of my time.  Daily brushings are part of our routine.  The iris have been just gorgeous, as has the snowball bush.  I've enoyed bringing them in the house.  I've got a couple slips from a new plant starting to root. A couple leftover blue bottles were given a new lease on life as they were turned into garden decorations.  My papers and books from last semester were all sorted and filed and I'm ready to start a new semester tomorrow.  Funny how you forget how delightful free time can be .....
The summer's first batch of sun tea was brewed.  Leaflets for National Garden Week (June 6-12) were crossed off my "to do" list.  I turned an old vanity seat (from the same garage sale)(possibly my only one for the season) into a planter.  I picked up an old metal "kitchen cart" and used it to organize my messy garden supplies in the garage.  Scored a milk glass cake pedestal and a couple doodads for the garden all for less than 5 bucks!  Furniture was rearranged, curtains scrutinized, piles formed to pack for our trip north, later in the week, several books read..... I'd say it was a good week.

22 May, 2010

Happy Birthday Kate!!

The flowers are for Kate - Happy Birthday - hope you have a great day!

18 May, 2010

Book Notes

We see many readers, at the library, who take an authors' complete work off the shelf and read it straight through. 
Not my  cup of tea.

There are others who read only the new book by whomever, then we don't see them again until he/she writes another new one.
No comment....

There are a handful of authors that I actually look forward to reading.  Last night I finished Laurie King's newest book about the improbable (but oddly believable) relationship between Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes.  She presents Holmes, and his processes in a way that, while paying homage to Conan Doyle, is a successful extension of the attributes of a wellknown literary character.  Not an easy thing to do.  Do you remember the pathetic attempts to catch the spirit of Rhett and Scarlett, and the DeWinters.....The characters are well developed, the plots  interesting.  The Beekeeper's Apprentice is the first of this series. 
The recent weeks have also seen a new Martha Grimes, Elizabeth George and the last Robert Parker western. At least I assume it to be the last, although we've seen, on a  fairly regular basis, that death does not mean a person won't publish again...

Later this summer I'll pick up the new Daniel Silva.  In between, there are more than enough good books out there to keep me busy.  In spite of the perennial warning not to judge a book by its cover, there are many times that it is the cover that catches my eye, more than an author's name or genre.  Other than an irrational (and fairly consistent)avoidance of book club books (snobbery, according to some) my taste is eclectic, satisfying whatever mood happens to strike. 

What's on your summer reading list??


16 May, 2010

Rainy day observations

Rainy day people...

I'm beginning to feel like I'm trapped in a Gordon Lightfoot song...

Today's rain, though, is giving me opportunity to catch up on some rainy day projects in the house.

I have papers from last semester to sort and file.

The new Laurie King novel is waiting to be read.

My standard Sunday sessions of ironing and a manicure are still ahead of me. 

This is my last week of freedom before classes start again and I have plans for some cleaning and organizing. Or if the sun shines I may just blow it all off....

I found inspiration here.  There are several websites I want to visit from my new issue of Real Simple. 

This is also the last week to push in preparation for our trip to the Boundary waters over Memorial Day weekend.   Tim and I have been faithfully working out every morning. We put in about an hour, arriving around 5-5:30.  I have seen an increase in stamina and laundry and my main goal at this point is simply not to embarrass myself  when we actually hit the trail.

...just pass it on...

14 May, 2010


We finally have some sunshine!!  (We might actually get two day's worth)  The alium are enjoying their day in the sun.
These iris are just a bit ahead of the rest. 
My snowball bush is lush.  Since we removed the walnut trees from that side of the yard, this bush has nearly doubled, not so much in size, but in fullness.  

06 May, 2010


Yesterday I mailed Mothers' Day cards.

Yesterday for work, I wore my lovely yellow cardigan with a white shirt, gray pants and gray pearls, "pearls". I've included this picture because it's what I have, and what I've usually worn. The cardigan was an impulse back before easter and I love it! Generally, with the classic white and blue combination, I add the coral brooch and bracelet and I'm set.

Yesterday the gray and yellow gave the outfit a whole 'nother vibe, which I really liked.

Yesterday was another cool, sunny spring day. Today, though I'm going to have to carry my sunshine with me. It's chilly, windy, overcast with the promise of rain, and a forecast for a gloomy weekend. But with half my housework done...I'm thinking about getting caught up on some reading! (I'm also thinking a Kindle might be cool)

Yesterday I submitted my last assignment. I'm free from homework for the next 2 weeks! I do need to order books, tomorrow, for the next round of classes, and I think Charlie and I will take time to check out the plants at Pamida. This morning I've got laundry in both the washer and dryer, rugs have been shaken and are airing as we speak, dishes are done, the vaccuum has been run, Charlie brushed, and in a few minutes I'll turn my attention to Clinton and Stacey as they tell me what not to wear....

03 May, 2010

Just a heads up

National Nurses Week is May 6-12.

You still have time to make plans to let your favorite nurse know how proud you are of her, and how much you appreciate all her hard work....

(In case you're curious as to why the "week" runs Thursday through Wednesday, it is tradtionally held to end on May 12th - Florence Nightengale's birthday)

Keep up the good work, Naphtali!!