23 May, 2010

Weekend Review

This past week has been very busy.  Rain (days and days of it) kept me from getting much done outside during this break between semesters, but there was plenty to keep me occupied in the house.....

Taking inspiration from Sal, I gave my jewelry some attention.  She had used a papertowel rack to display her bracelets but I realized it would drive me crazy to stack, remove, retrieve everytime I wanted to wear one, which would probably mean I would pass, defeating the whole idea of wearing them because they were on display, rather than kept in a box somewhere.  While at a garage sale I found this mug tree, on a marble base, and decided that it would do the job.  I also added velvet to the box that holds my watches and pins.  A pushover for clever boxes, this one came with a set of stationery and was repurposed several years ago.

I also added a couple more hooks to the back wall of the closet where I hang my neckalces.  Jacob sent two lovely birthstone necklaces for Mother's Day (!) and as I was already doubling up on a couple hooks, it seemed a good time to add the extra hooks.
Charlie enjoyed his fair share of my time.  Daily brushings are part of our routine.  The iris have been just gorgeous, as has the snowball bush.  I've enoyed bringing them in the house.  I've got a couple slips from a new plant starting to root. A couple leftover blue bottles were given a new lease on life as they were turned into garden decorations.  My papers and books from last semester were all sorted and filed and I'm ready to start a new semester tomorrow.  Funny how you forget how delightful free time can be .....
The summer's first batch of sun tea was brewed.  Leaflets for National Garden Week (June 6-12) were crossed off my "to do" list.  I turned an old vanity seat (from the same garage sale)(possibly my only one for the season) into a planter.  I picked up an old metal "kitchen cart" and used it to organize my messy garden supplies in the garage.  Scored a milk glass cake pedestal and a couple doodads for the garden all for less than 5 bucks!  Furniture was rearranged, curtains scrutinized, piles formed to pack for our trip north, later in the week, several books read..... I'd say it was a good week.

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