31 December, 2010

That's a wrap!

It's snowing - our first "real snowfall" of the season - looks like an all day event.  We'll see.

Christmas in Iowa went well.  I left my camera at home, and my library book at my MIL's, but otherwise had a good visit.  They had lots of snow, which made Charlie a very happy dog.  The weather played a small role in travel plans but we were all there and that's a good thing.

We returned home Monday afternoon full of plans and ambition to get started with the house.  Laundry was started, mail sorted, naps were taken...

I got sick in the night.
Other than yesterday's laundry, there's not much to show for these last three days at home.  I've been nibbling saltines, sipping coke and hoping for the best, but yesterday I felt well enough to be irritated by the situation, so that was an improvement.

If you were expecting a year's end retrospective - well - let's just acknowledge that this one is in the books. Events that could never have been predicted have occurred.  Lives and people change.  Continuity, revolution, time and circumstances, all hold our attention until the next thing pushes them to the periphery. 

Tim received word yesterday that he'll need to be in place in Iowa Falls on January 10.  Finish in North Platte the 7th and start on the 10th.   We're looking at a crazy week ahead.

Happy New Year.

22 December, 2010

Joyeux Noel

 Tim left this morning for Iowa. 

Charlie and I will leave in the morning - after a 7am breakfast at the library.  Charlie has had his bath, the last load of laundry is in the washer, things are packed and ready to go, so this is it for me until next week.  We're looking forward to a couple days with Jacob, Naphtali, et al, and trust they will have good weather for their travels.

Special greetings to the girls in Merida - hope you have a great time together. 

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

21 December, 2010


Google images
We feel the moon's cycle very strongly at our public library.  The flow of customers confirms that, yes, it's another full moon.  Can you imagine how things went yesterday with the convergent influence of the solstice and eclipse?  Yikes!

17 December, 2010

Rhapsody in blue

I love writing - not just the manipulation of words and ideas, but the actual act of putting pen to paper.  I have several fountain pens that I enjoy using but I'm not above snagging a free pen with an insurance agent's name emblazoned across it...Roller balls, gels, stick bics, you name it, it's probably tucked away somewhere in the house.  Which explains this pile taken from my desk:
This doesn't include the pens from the kitchen.  Or my work area.

I've begun the process of sorting/tossing and, honestly, how many pens does a person need?!  Have you ever read (in Real Simple, e.g.) how much sense it makes to label your miscellaneous, but vital, cords?  You can see that I've also begun labeling a few cords - that one is for my camera - but the thought occurred to me that there are a lot of very similar cords floating around the house, and here, in context, I know which is which, but once they're packed and unpacked and my context no longer exists.....And it may seem  an insignificant start but I have started, and it makes sense to tackle whatever area I happen to be using.  That way I can do 5 minute attacks all over rather than facing a 10 hour just-slog-through-it-session, which will no doubt happen eventually, but right now this is working for me.

But we were talking about writing utensils. And this semester I rediscovered the delights of mechanical pencils. They flow. They glide.  They make a satisfying scritch.  They makes taking notes (almost) effortless.  This little blue model set me back about $1.25 - and I'd be lost without it!  I'm on the lookout for another model - an upgrade. 

Wednesday night I came home from work and did all my wrapping.  Partly to see what shopping was left to be done, but the ultimate goal was to get this finished so I could clean my sewing room and work area the next morning before going to work.  And I did.  Another round of sorting/tossing.  (There will be a lot of s/t in the near future).

I need to find a few stocking stuffers, but was pleased (relieved) to find that I was, otherwise, done (done being a relative term this time of year).    A CLEP in American Government is scheduled for Tuesday, work Monday and Wednesday, 7:00 breakfast at the library on Thursday, then hit the road for Iowa.  Charlie needs a bath sometime before we leave.  There will be errands on Tuesday after I test.  And lots of s/t worked in around everything else.  I really should get off the computer....

15 December, 2010

drum roll....

The semester has ended.  Today I can clear my desk and start on a new round of activities:
wrapping Christmas presents
ordering books for next semester
schedule CLEP
returns from online shopping
mail hold for Christmas travels
realtor appointment
packing to move
hair cut
Charlie's tags
transfer/delete files

08 December, 2010


This time of year we are surrounded by tradition.  I think my kids would agree that Christmas at our house was celebrated as a holiday of traditions, rather than a religious holiday.

Many magazines or TV programs are dedicated to helping you observe, or replicate, a variety of traditional Christmas traditions:  decorations, foods, colors, activities, songs, aromas, movies, and more.  They will also give you pointers on bound-to-be-new traditions (check here for a lovely example of Christmas colors).

Families tweak these traditional traditions, creating their own particular traditions:  foods (lefse, spritz, prime rib, oysters), locations (Grandma's house), activities (poker), songs (guitar singalongs), how gifts are exchanged or opened, ornaments, tree selection....

In our little corner of the world, billed as the Pony Express capital of Nebraska, a new tradition was begun last year.  The local pony express club finished the looong process of paperwork required by the USPS to create and use a commemorative cancellation stamp.  This Saturday members will gather the deposited mail, sling it across the horse and ride it down the line, before affixing the special stamp.  Those of you (most of you) who receive our Christmas card will find that stamp on your envelope, so look it over - enjoy a new spin on an old tradition.

There was a deadline, (aargh!I could do an entire post on deadlines) of course, so a few stragglers will miss the cut...


03 December, 2010


This year's entry for the gingerbread display at the library:

For me this was a cheat - I used a kit - but by the time I added roof details, a chimney, landscaping and a cinammon bear snowball fight, it feels like a custom job. 
Now I just have to deliver it safely.....

01 December, 2010

Ghosts of Christmas Past

May your days be merry and bright....