08 December, 2010


This time of year we are surrounded by tradition.  I think my kids would agree that Christmas at our house was celebrated as a holiday of traditions, rather than a religious holiday.

Many magazines or TV programs are dedicated to helping you observe, or replicate, a variety of traditional Christmas traditions:  decorations, foods, colors, activities, songs, aromas, movies, and more.  They will also give you pointers on bound-to-be-new traditions (check here for a lovely example of Christmas colors).

Families tweak these traditional traditions, creating their own particular traditions:  foods (lefse, spritz, prime rib, oysters), locations (Grandma's house), activities (poker), songs (guitar singalongs), how gifts are exchanged or opened, ornaments, tree selection....

In our little corner of the world, billed as the Pony Express capital of Nebraska, a new tradition was begun last year.  The local pony express club finished the looong process of paperwork required by the USPS to create and use a commemorative cancellation stamp.  This Saturday members will gather the deposited mail, sling it across the horse and ride it down the line, before affixing the special stamp.  Those of you (most of you) who receive our Christmas card will find that stamp on your envelope, so look it over - enjoy a new spin on an old tradition.

There was a deadline, (aargh!I could do an entire post on deadlines) of course, so a few stragglers will miss the cut...


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