26 April, 2010

always something!

This is essentially my last week of classes for this semester! (!) I have registered for just three this summer - there are so many nice days ahead and I want a bit more flexibility to enjoy them. It has been an interesting experience. We were'nt too far in to the semester when I realized that I miss being able to read people. A change in tone or expression, a pause or gesture can add so much to communication. I miss that. Online classes have given me opportunities I wouldn't otherwise have, but there are drawbacks. So this week there are a couple chapters, and their quzzies, waiting for me in ethics.(one more paper to write, as well) A test in econ. A long writing assignment in English and a shortish one for Library, although that one involves an interview...Yikes! It looks worse on paper! Plenty to keep me busy.

I plan to ride my bike to work today. Since we put the baskets on a couple weeks ago it has been cold (I miss my flannel sheets), raining or blowing so hard a person can barely stand, let alone pedal uphill. So today will be the maiden voyage for the season.

We were busy with dandelions and other outdoor projects this weekend. Tim planted seven bushes along the north side of the house ( remember,we lost trees to the paving project), crafted a new door for the shed. Old, but serviceable, the shed lost a door in a recent wind storm. We did look at replacing the whole thing but felt we had better ways to spend that thousand dollars...so for a couple bucks and a few hours the door has been replaced.

The other project claiming our time lately has been a general shape-up for both Tim and I in preparation for a canoe trip into the Boundary Waters Wilderness Area, yes I said wilderness area, with the Kahls over Memorial Day weekend. James and Naphtali have been doing this for years. . Traditionally I have gone up to watch Aidan while they were away. This year they've decided he is big enough to join them and when Tim signed on I was very supportive, thinking what a great time they'll all have, while formulating plans in my head for a long, free, weekend. They're taking me along, too. And Naphtali wants Charlie to experience the great outdoors with us. I'll spare you the details of our new regime but will end with this picture of Charlie breaking in his new pack

20 April, 2010

I hardly know where to start!

We had a busy and productive weekend. A pleasant mix of outside work and homework. Tim replaced the latches on both gates and tightened this and shifted that so they would hang straight and close easy. My bicycle has been tuned up and baskets installed on the back. So it comes as no surprise that this week is cooler with a chance of rain every day. Turns out my timing was off in the matter of flannel sheets - again! It has been a real spring (we haven't always had one out here) sunny days, coooool nights. Tim also mowed and washed out the overhead canopy on the back patio. Lots of leaves and gunk...

I moved a few plants, helped with gates, submitted a couple lessons for economics, laundered, cleaned etcetcetc. Classes are winding down. I have a major paper (and a minor one) due Friday. One last chapter and questions, and one last test for econ. Two chapters, two quizzes, two papers for ethics.

Tim routinely steps across Charlie at the foot of the bed in the morning. I've actually heard him say "good morning, Charlie" a few times.

The forsythia has been brilliant this year. Iris are blooming! I have a couple different varieties, the others are still weeks away. The dianthus should go crazy pretty soon. There are leaves budding on the hydrangea, trumpet vine and lavendar. The flower beds change during the course of the day.....

Last night we came home from work to find a 4X4X4 foot hole had been dug BY HAND in the front yard. The gentleman who takes care of the sprinkler system came with the house. He is rail thin,tougher than barbwire, and elicits an automatic "sir" when you address him. I can't even guess his age but I'll put it closer to 80 than 70. We knew he was going to replace a valve and would need to dig around the access pipe but hadn't expected anything quite that extensive. Nor had he. That hole is a work of art. Square. Tidy. BY HAND. I felt so bad for him....he just smiled and said "Well, you never know what you might have to deal with when you start a job." I need to give Tim credit on this one as well. The water to the house had to be shut off and when it was turned back on created a mess with sediment.....any way he spent his evening replacing this and shifted that working on water pressure and fixtures - not what any of us had planned for the end of a long day.

I have a computer seminar over the noon hour so I really should get busy.....

12 April, 2010


It seems that grass is turning green and flowers are blooming ---Overnight!! These lovelies certainly did!!
You can see the peonies up about 6 inches behind the daffodils, which were not open yesterday when I called it a day. The delicate lavender blossoms on the phlox (I think it's phlox) appeared sometime today while I was at work, as did the red tulips that can just barely be seen against the wall. I have to admit I've never seen those tulips before...They've haven't been there in previous years; because you have to dig them in so deep I know I didn't put them there and I certainly wouldn't bury them behind the peonies. Oh, well.

This trellis creation is my Christmas present from James and Naphtali. It spent several months at months at my mother's, waiting to be claimed after Christmas. I've been moving around the yard looking for the right spot, and this may be it!

Friday, Saturday and Sunday homework, housework and yard work made claims on my time and attention. It felt good to get the winter debris cleared away, dig a few weeds and get a look at all the budding/greening that is happening around the house. Tim and I both pitched in on various projects and made mental lists (they will find their way to paper) of things, some necessary, some optional, yet to be done. Charlie loved being outside and I did, too. Blankets were hung to air, windows opened, good days. I switched from flannel to regular sheets this weekend, also. There have been some (too many) years that it seems I switched too early but maybe this year I got it right.

06 April, 2010

A busy weekend

We had a great time with the Kahls. As you may well imagine, this little guy drove the bus for the weekend.

Aidan turned six. He kept Grandpa busy with stories and boy stuff. He and Charlie took several walks - some with Naphtali, one on his own, and he, James and Charlie delivered birthday cupcakes to friends in the neighborhood.

Grandpa worked on project for Naphtali while the rest of us did a MOA adventure. James had registered Aidan's birthday at the Nickelodeon Universe, giving him a free pass for rides. We tagged along and enjoyed a couple rides with Aidan. It was my first (and probably last) trip to MOA.

I was amazed (not by the mall) that on the trip there - it was a surprise - we'd been in the car for a while, everyone is talking, distracted, engaged, we're swooping along the road, under here, over there. At some point we make a slight veer to the right, joining a different flow of traffic, no signs, no buildings or landmarks, and Aidan says this is the way to MOA! He did that several times. He knows his way around, recognizing an area, or an off ramp as the way to thus and such! Amazing.

There was en easter egg hunt Sunday morning before church. James hid the eggs while Mom, Aidan and Charlie released a bit of energy. The morning was lovely. (the weather for the weekend was pretty much made to order) The songbirds in their neighborhood are a treat. Crocus were up and open. Tulips won't be far behind.

Aidan taught me how to make dumplings. Chinese dumplings. They were tasty, we were all starving so no one thought to get any pictures...Naphtali sliced the leftovers to saute with some bok choy the next day mmmmmm

And then we had to go home.