06 April, 2010

A busy weekend

We had a great time with the Kahls. As you may well imagine, this little guy drove the bus for the weekend.

Aidan turned six. He kept Grandpa busy with stories and boy stuff. He and Charlie took several walks - some with Naphtali, one on his own, and he, James and Charlie delivered birthday cupcakes to friends in the neighborhood.

Grandpa worked on project for Naphtali while the rest of us did a MOA adventure. James had registered Aidan's birthday at the Nickelodeon Universe, giving him a free pass for rides. We tagged along and enjoyed a couple rides with Aidan. It was my first (and probably last) trip to MOA.

I was amazed (not by the mall) that on the trip there - it was a surprise - we'd been in the car for a while, everyone is talking, distracted, engaged, we're swooping along the road, under here, over there. At some point we make a slight veer to the right, joining a different flow of traffic, no signs, no buildings or landmarks, and Aidan says this is the way to MOA! He did that several times. He knows his way around, recognizing an area, or an off ramp as the way to thus and such! Amazing.

There was en easter egg hunt Sunday morning before church. James hid the eggs while Mom, Aidan and Charlie released a bit of energy. The morning was lovely. (the weather for the weekend was pretty much made to order) The songbirds in their neighborhood are a treat. Crocus were up and open. Tulips won't be far behind.

Aidan taught me how to make dumplings. Chinese dumplings. They were tasty, we were all starving so no one thought to get any pictures...Naphtali sliced the leftovers to saute with some bok choy the next day mmmmmm

And then we had to go home.


christa said...

What a fun weekend! And I feel the same way about the MOA.

downthegardenpath said...

It ws fun!! And the weather was close to perfect.
I'm surprised, really, that for as long as Naphtali has lived in the Cities this was my first trip to MOA. Hadn't missed it before, won't worry about a repeat.