30 March, 2010

Catching up

Friday night the Garden Club was invited to attend the annual Gothenburg Chamber of Commerce banquet, as we were one of three to receive an award for outstanding community volunteers efforts. (other honorees are active in the community theater and the VFW Honor Guard)

Today is my get-everything-done-before-we-leave-for-Aidan's-birthday day. Tim left for Omaha this morning for budget "week", he'll be back sometime Thursday - unpack, repack and off we go!! I've done three sets of chapter review questions since Saturday, and now just have one chapter left to read and turn in questions for econ. I have a library assignment to write.(and maybe a post for next week - just to get ahead.) I'll have an econ test when I get back and as I plan to blow off both english and ethics for the next few days, I'll have plenty waiting for me when I return.
I've got laundry going. I will be cleaning out the fridge, eating from the freezer. I've got eggs for Aidan that need to be finished and birthday presents to wrap. Work Wednesday and Thursday, pack and go!
It seems doubtful that I will get anything done outside but I did take this picture of the trellis Naphtali gave me for Christmas. This may be a temporary location (at an opening along the fence between us and the neighbor)or not...I had hoped it might be enough to keep Charlie from going through. We'll see. I have crocuses up, tulips coming up,and lots of perennials' leaves starting to green-up. Charlie and I are planning a walk this afternoon.


Valerie said...

What a wonderful trellis...great gift.

Happy travels.

downthegardenpath said...

her next-door neighbor is an iron worker, so she asked him to create something for Jane and I.

On Second Street said...

Have a safe trip. See you soon!