25 March, 2010

who knew?

We've all heard variations on the theory of raising the temperature on a frog, right? Let me tell you how that theory is playing out at our house.Not being the type of thing most people think about it should nonetheless be no surprise to hear that Tim thinks that dogs should have their own place to sleep and that place is not in the bedroom.
While Charlie was sick it was convenient to allow him to sleep in our room at night.(remember that Tim was out of town for that first week and has been in and out since) Charlie has what I assume is a comfortable cushion to call his own. In the living room. When we go to bed he is comfortably, if somewhat disconsolately, ensconced thereon. Recently, there have been several mornings when one or the other of us have tripped over Charlie at the foot of our bed! Tim mumbles a protest and goes on his way. This scene is repeated, to my amusement, the next day....

I, who have always eschewed blue ink, am being converted to its use.

google images - who knew!?


Valerie said...

Capital letters, blue ink? What's next? Texting? And I am sorry but I do not know about raising the temperature of a frog. A quick Google search revealed nothing. Please explain.

downthegardenpath said...

TXT!? NGH - oh sorry - Not Gonna Happen
I can't believe you don't know the frog theory! Allow me: A frog placed in boiling water will jump out. A frog placed in tepid water with the temp gradually raised will saty put. It's used to illustrate how people are lulled into accepting something gradually that they would typically reject out of hand

Valerie said...

Ahhhh....good to know. Thanks.