05 March, 2010

The Saga Continues

Tuesday morning found us making a mad dash for the vet's office. I'd left Charlie alone for 5 minutes - a quick bathroom break - when he opened his sutures!!
I made the phone call, threw on some clothes, brushed my teeth, (applied eyebrows and powder)and we were out the door.

He spent most of the day at the vet's. His fancy new headgear is only for when I'm not here. I'll admit I've laughed at him. He can't see anything if its not right in front of his nose. He can't get his nose close enough to the ground to find anything. He has trouble remembering his turning radius has increased.

I worked yesterday. Came home at the midway point and found him right where I'd left him. Sleeping is good for his recuperation, which as of Tuesday, is back to square one.


Valerie said...

Oh, wow. What a process! You must be feeling a little overwhelmed what with work, classes, nursing, and just life.

Breathe deeply.

On Second Street said...

Aidans remark was "Charlie is wearing the cone of shame. "

bethany said...

Aww...poor Charlie! The look in his eyes says it all. :(

(Loving Aidan's remark...hehe...the cone of shame.)

downthegardenpath said...

Apparently Aidan saw, (processed and filed) cone of shame in a movie. I have since googled it and found it in UP, a Pixar release. I saw Up and did not remember the cone of shame...
I'd be curoius to know how many time Aidan has seen the movie.
Charlie only wears it when I'm away. In the shower or off to work, for example. If I'm home he's prob;ably within 3 feet of me so I can easily monitor his behavior. He doesn't resist when it's time to put it on - just looks for a spot for a good nap. Good thing sleeping is an important factor in recuperating.