16 March, 2010

the blink of an eye

I have no photo specifically to accompany this post but I know some readers need the visuals so I pulled this from the archives because it is a favorite and gives me hope that the sun will shine. Flowers will bloom.

Charlie is doing well. The cone of shame has been returned to the vet. We hope to walk later this afternoon. Thanks for the inquiries.

We've had good phone calls from Jacob and Naphtali.

Tim made a quick trip to Fort Collins on Sunday when Iva (his mother), on a visit to her niece, Cheryl, threw a stroke. Iva is doing pretty well. Leslie and John went out yesterday to join Tim. These are the times that cell phones prove their worth. Plans were made, (some of my time and energy was diverted to assist Tim and prepare for the arrival of Leslie and John), changed and remade. And more have yet to be made. I think Tim is coming home tonight.

I also had a funeral on Monday - an 8 year old boy, killed in a car accident. The saddest of sad days. Thankfully it remains a rare occurance in my world.
Hannah Thompson,
Peter Sahr
Michael Reyna.
It's good to remember their names.

I just got off the phone with Tim. It wasn't a stroke - it appears to be seizure related which changes everything. I don't think he's coming home tonight - and we we're cut off. Did I just say more decisions to be made?

I have homework to attend.....


Valerie said...

Thanks for the updates. You do have a lot going on.

On Second Street said...

Peter Sahr? was that the little boy who died the spring after Naomi? i still remember walking home from that funeral in my blue culottes you made me wear to school b/c they were dressy enough for the funeral.
I think you should get a cell phone too Mom. Maybe a Droid b/c they are B1G1 right now. Then we could text. hee hee.

downthegardenpath said...

Yes, that was Peter.
Blue coulottes- do you remember what you ate that day? Usually the wardrobe and menu go together...
Texting!? that isn't going to happen any time soon. And I do have a cell phone - used for road trips etc, that suits me just fine.On the other hand, if I had made ways to say things maybe I'd find I have more things to say....