18 July, 2009

ok, ok....

i'll make an effort....as you can see the neighbors across the street are parking in their own driveways signifying that the street is finished and open for use.

this is probably the biggest leaf i've processed. it still needs some cleaning and buffing before painting.

these are the 2 ready for paint which i will start tonight. (i set a roll of scotch tape in front for scale.)

all three are commissioned pieces. yay!!

a quiet week

things have been quiet here. my spare time rather unproductive. our street has been opened again. i have 2 leaves downstairs waiting for paint and some sewing to do and motivation is just plain hard to come by. they've replaced the bulb in the streetlamp across the corner from our place completing the sense of exposure we've felt since the trees were removed. good thing the new curtains in the bedroom do their job so well. hope your week went well....

12 July, 2009

we had company

we enjoyed a quick visit from my mother (donna) and sister (valerie) this week. charlie found an unexpected playmate in my mother. we made a pamida run, saw a nifty weedeater, courtesy of our neighbor, and had some excellent grilled chicken and strawberry pie. a good time was had by all - though we won't mention scrabble for awhile...they left yesterday morning on the next leg of their trip - sioux city to visit my brother (aaron). i'm taking it for granted that they had a good time there, as well.

this is for andrea:

this is for donna:

today, among other things, the lawn got mowed, charlie swam in the canal and tim experimented with some of his fresh basil. we have garlic roasting on the grill as we speak (so to speak)
(be sure to "click to enlarge" so you can see the lovely grill lines and basil flakesmmmmmm)

this is grilled sirloin featuring a basil/garlic marinade and a dipping sauce (served warm) made from:

steep together:
3/4 cup red wine vinegar
6 fresh basil leaves

1/3 cup brown sugar
1 tsp salt
1/2 tomato pureed
2 tbsp fresh grated parmesan
1 tbsp minced garlic
flavor with a sprinkle of paprika, red pepper flakes, simmer to reduce to a thickness similar to barbeque sauce. mmmmm

04 July, 2009


don't you think hollyhocks and the 4th of july epitomize nostalgia??
laura ingalls wilder's account of walnut groves' celebration is still a favorite. an old friend, leeta bode, used to talk about the beauty of our flag, recounting parades and family picnics, favorite memories of her childhood.
i had the pleasure of spending time at "the lakes" as a child and remember the look of okoboji with the boats on the water and the reflection of overhead fireworks.
sparklers in the front yard. quick runs to the south dakota border (they were illegal in iowa)to procure fireworks - and the jordisons gathered in the back yard to enjoy the show. the incredible fireworks display after the ball game in philadelphia. last year tim called me outside just before the local display started. he had backed the jeep to the end of the driveway, and was ready with a cold lemonade for me. we sat in the back end of the jeep and enjoyed the show until the mosquitos chased us in.
i hope you're making memories of your own this 4th of july.