04 July, 2009


don't you think hollyhocks and the 4th of july epitomize nostalgia??
laura ingalls wilder's account of walnut groves' celebration is still a favorite. an old friend, leeta bode, used to talk about the beauty of our flag, recounting parades and family picnics, favorite memories of her childhood.
i had the pleasure of spending time at "the lakes" as a child and remember the look of okoboji with the boats on the water and the reflection of overhead fireworks.
sparklers in the front yard. quick runs to the south dakota border (they were illegal in iowa)to procure fireworks - and the jordisons gathered in the back yard to enjoy the show. the incredible fireworks display after the ball game in philadelphia. last year tim called me outside just before the local display started. he had backed the jeep to the end of the driveway, and was ready with a cold lemonade for me. we sat in the back end of the jeep and enjoyed the show until the mosquitos chased us in.
i hope you're making memories of your own this 4th of july.

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Secondstreetdesigns said...

Alst year we watched them with Jakob and Kate on the ocean. Amazing! I also remember going in Philadelphia, that was magical as a child.