29 June, 2009

a correction

tim called my attention to a poor choice of words in a previous post. baby pheasants do not waddle. they scamper/scurry/flit/zigzag/hustle - you get the idea. i told him i would make the correction and while i'm here i might as well post something new....

i finally got around to some concrete work this weekend. i need a few more stepping stones to complete a path to the backyard.
these are drying/curing and will need to be painted and their final coat of sealer. they won't be ready for the ground for another week or so.

i hope to pick up some rhubarb leaves tomorrow and get started with them.

for those who like a little color i'll close with this shot of honeysuckle taken about 7:30 this evening:


bethany said...

These are so sweet! Did you teach yourself how to make these beauties? I never in a zillion years would have thought to make my own stepping stones. Beautiful phrase, too. :)

downthegardenpath said...

thanks! after years of 'genteel' handwork - knitting, crochet, quilting, painting i find it more than amusing that i love to do concrete!? i started a rhubarb leaf yesterday morning. they are so much fun.