21 June, 2009

i've been remiss

i suddenly realized that with all the constructing going on just outside my windows i haven't shared any of the process since the trees were removed. the rain has made things difficult all the way around for the work crews. one day they actually had a guy with a shovel trying to move water....oh the joys of union job security.
this has been the view from ny back door since thursday evening. they parked there at the end of their work day and because of rain haven't been back since.
i would love to say that they are out there thrumming away for 12 hours a day but i'm never home for a twelve hour day. i can truthfully say that they start at or before 7am and finish for the day around 7pm. with work progressing at both ends of the block i can't be sure how much of the day is spent here.
tim has planted tomatoes and peppers along the edge in the dirt spots created by the tree removal. i'll let you know if they make it. i will say it has been fascinating to watch the precision and skill these big machine operators employ. i will also say that i will be soooo glad when all this is done.

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