06 June, 2009


we had several surprises in the last few days.

thursday we were ready for a visit with kate (jacob's request for leave had been denied but plans were already made so....) tim and i are sitting in the concourse at the lincoln airport, the plane has arrived when tim says "hold on - jacob's here" and grabs his phone. kate had called an hour earlier from minneapolis to let us know everything was moving smoothly and tim suddenly remembered that his phone had indicated the call was from jake - not kate. and even though kate does have a reputation for losing/forgetting things - he knew that jacob wouldn't part with his nerve center for a whole weekend. "he has to be with her" i'm intrigued by the idea but unwilling to committ to it. so we wait. and there they are! as naphtali reminded me i don't jump up and down and clap my hands when i'm excited - nor do i burst into hysterical giggles. but i was excited and you could tell. it was a great surprise. we had a short but enjoyable visit including a trip to the zoo where we saw an aardvark being walked on a leash
and a scrumptious dinner at a mafioso restaurant.

the friday morning surprise was no water at the motel. i'll spare you the details.

the saturday morning surprise was finding branches down from our maple tree in the backyard.
a storm system had moved through the area late friday night and the high winds took out quite a few branches around town.
even charlie helped with the cleanup.


Secondstreetdesigns said...

someone is looking alot like Tim.

downthegardenpath said...

they do say that dogs and owners take on a resemblence after a while....