01 June, 2009


this past weekend actually marked the beginning of my summer routine. (memorial day weekend doesn't count)(i traveled so nothing was normal)(and then you return to a short work week etc)we had a productive weekend and i find myself trying to reorganinze my daily routines to reflect a shift in...my daily routines. the library closes early so i am home at 6:00 now instead of 8. the sun shines 'til almost 10. the heat can start as early as 9:00 so charlie's walk has to happen early which had been my computer time. dew and mosquitos keep me out of my flower beds in the morning but working in them in the evening is now an option. see?? everything has to be reorganized, time maximized. and i just want to drift through the summer.....

my columbine have been stunning. i have a "double" which i'll never do again, but its pretty enough in its own way.

the iris have been regal but are fading fast. i moved some plants over the weekend because everything i've used these past couple years has been shade-loving. i have very little shade left with the paving project at full throttle. my salvia has been swarming with bees.

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