31 October, 2009


i was right - it was a birthday pizza! thanks, tim.

delicious doesn't begin to do it justice. (and yes, i burned the roof of my mouth)

not again!

thursday night we received about 13 inches of snow. with this 3rd october snowfall we have passed our average total for the year. tim, who ordinarily takes weather warnings very seriously and often overnights in north platte so as to be on hand at work, figured they had this one wrong. so he was home with me to shovel and waited til mid-afternoon for the interstate to open allowing him to go to work. there were manymany phone calls back and forth, including one with the mayor.
sadly, this was another heavy, wet snow having already rained most of the day. a lot of tree branches were lost all over town, with some power lines down. leaving everything a sodden mess.

charlie was thrilled. he bounded around the yard keeping us company as we labored with snow removal. today he and i walked in a mild 50 degree afternoon surveying the neighborhood damages. he's napping now. tim is fixing one of his specialties for supper - shrimp pizza. (mmmm) (i think because it's one of my favorites and tomorrow is my birthday)
you don't know how i'm hoping this will be my last unexpected snow post......
next weekend we head for connecticut to visit jacob and kate. we always enjoy our time out there. in true family form - it's time to obsess over what to wear.

27 October, 2009


i think the trick to most blog entries is waiting for inspiration. what do i have to say that is of any interest to anyone!? really!!

i feel like i've been on the run for the past week or so and it's not over yet. appointments, meetings, errands, extras, in addition to the normal routines have found me up early, busy late and just plain on the go in between!! (i still have to do my nails tonight!!)

thankfully the weather has been cooperative - though that is supposed to change thursday - so i've been wearing my tweed jacket a lot these days. (we're obviously taking the scenic route to reach whatever point i have in mind) if i leave the house early i want to wear gloves and a scarf which i'll discard as the day's weather progresses. i don't, however, want to snip open the pockets on my jacket. i also don't want to just drop my gloves in the car, bury them in my purse...
this morning inspiration struck!!!!
at some point in time i snagged this from my mother. i'd never seen anything like it and had to ask what it was. it was/is a glove thingie!! back in the day when gloves were de rigueur you would attach it to your purse handle and fasten your gloves to keep track of them while you're lunching, for exapmle.
never one to pass up the "you never know" factor i took it home where it sat in my shadowbox, unused but lovely to look at, for quite some time. it has decorative etching, a cute clasp and today it has a purpose again!!

25 October, 2009

sunday evening

i have sheets yet to put on the bed but have otherwise finished my 'chores'.

there's no use trying to summerize the previous week beyond tim was gone, time was alternately well-used and wasted, we're glad to be all in the same place, again. i will add that tim was elected (by his peers) to a 3 year term on the president's advisory committee for vetter heatlth services.

this next week is shaping up to be busy, as well.

today we made mu shu pork, one of my favorites. tim went for new tires and came home with mushrooms, fresh ginger and all sorts of good stir fry ingredients for the week. we chopped and slivered and woked our way to a delicious dish. we even made our own 'pancakes'!! roll 2 three inch circles (from the log of dough), brush with sesame oil and stack oiled sides together. roll to 6-7 inches and cook in your hot skillet. flip once. they separate (like magic!) after cooking. tender, fresh, yum!!

too icky for any serious yard work - after our snow on thursday. but i did rake a few leaves and charlie and i enjoyed a couple walks.

i do have to mention the early birthday surprise that came this week. valerie sent a lovely (and i do mean lovely) hermes scarf!! it will make the trip to connecticut with us in 2 weeks.

for those of you who kept hoping for photos we have arrived at the bottom and there are none!! so sorry.

11 October, 2009

off the hook!!

it was one of those slow weeks. i have a cold. everything was typical of life in these parts. i'd brought home a treasure from my sister-in-law but didn't want to post that yet so i'd been wondering what in the world i had that was blog-worthy for this week when i woke up to this sight on saturday morning. we were expecting 1-3 inches so it wasn't the fact of snow (early october? yes, i guess it is the fact of the snow) it was the amount. easily 5" at 7:00 and still snowing!!


tim cleaned off the driveway, took me to work (which i really appreciated), helped me shovel the walks at the library (which i hope the city appreciated),and made the most delicious beef stew for lunch!!

later that afternoon i tried a recipe for flourless peanut butter cookies that had caught my attention some time ago.
2 cups chunky pb; 2 cups brown sugar; 2 eggs; 2 tsp baking soda. mix it. bake at 350 for 8-10 minutes on an ungreased cookie sheet. let rest a couple minutes before removing to wire racks. they were very good.
my flower beds are so sad. i hadn't cleaned anything out, there were still daisies blooming, my lavendar was waiting to be cut. i'm assuming the weather will warm up again and i will have quite a mess to deal with.....
and i can still look forward to posting on leslie's treasure.