31 October, 2009

not again!

thursday night we received about 13 inches of snow. with this 3rd october snowfall we have passed our average total for the year. tim, who ordinarily takes weather warnings very seriously and often overnights in north platte so as to be on hand at work, figured they had this one wrong. so he was home with me to shovel and waited til mid-afternoon for the interstate to open allowing him to go to work. there were manymany phone calls back and forth, including one with the mayor.
sadly, this was another heavy, wet snow having already rained most of the day. a lot of tree branches were lost all over town, with some power lines down. leaving everything a sodden mess.

charlie was thrilled. he bounded around the yard keeping us company as we labored with snow removal. today he and i walked in a mild 50 degree afternoon surveying the neighborhood damages. he's napping now. tim is fixing one of his specialties for supper - shrimp pizza. (mmmm) (i think because it's one of my favorites and tomorrow is my birthday)
you don't know how i'm hoping this will be my last unexpected snow post......
next weekend we head for connecticut to visit jacob and kate. we always enjoy our time out there. in true family form - it's time to obsess over what to wear.

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