25 June, 2008

the bathroom.

here are the photos of the bathroom!! i have an old, unwanted lamp from my dad's house that has become a candle stick.

an unwanted planter from naphtali , ,

someone's unwanted mirrors from the thrift store,
an unwanted metal rack and jars from the goodwill,
fresh paint and wallpaper, a new sink and tub and voila!!

23 June, 2008

monday morning

there were supposed to be photos of the bathroom here but i keep encountering 'upload errors' for the photos but i want to get something on the page soooo....
we had a busy and productive weekend. i did some gardening, some cement work, hung sheets out to dry and aired all the blankets (what can match the feeling of crawling into an outside-smelling set of sheets at the end of a long day?), i sent off my garden club updates for the newspaper and website,tim posted his assignments, textured, painted and replaced trim board on the wall in the hallway created for the bathroom, watched some golf, made a great lunch with chorizo, grilled chicken and shrimp, we made a walmart run for a dehumidifier, charlie got a haircut, (we had rain and hail during the ordeal)and generally just had a good weekend.
today i have an appointment for a manicure before work. (i really should be in the shower right now) tomorrow i see the eye doctor and get a haircut. i'm waiting for an email response to a request made friday (because i didn't want to sit on the phone all day) from the dept of revenue. a wasted day on the phone may have been quicker...i'm going to set up a table at the farmers market to sell my cement leaves so i need to know my responsibility to the state in terms of collecting tax. i can get a site for $15 for the 10 week season. i'm planning to do maybe 6 weeks. who knows when the leaves will run out?? it could be fun.

15 June, 2008

father's day.

tim and i are fatherless - no grandpas either. these men are missed.

we had, and enjoyed, phone calls from both naphtali and jacob. charlie and i took tim for a walk this morning. he did school work, he's really enjoying this - his last - class,though it does require more time. it's challenging, sparking an interesting exchange of ideas and 'conversation' with fellow students and his prof. (charlie and i whisper 'teacher's pet' behind his back) he also grilled. steak (mine melted), chicken, burgers, shrimp. we'll have a selection of meat ready for supper all week - just throw together a salad mmmmm.

i took advantage of a very windy day (no mosquitos) to dig some sod. i've been kicking around the idea of a new flower bed in a spot that has been awkward to mow and the wind today cinched the deal for me. i have the sod dug, most of it hauled away, some of it redistributed in the yard, and the last bit turned to dry and wait for me to finish either tomorrow or tuesday. i'll need to spray and use landscape fabric which will create a horseshoe shaped path sandwiched between the the beds. this is the beginning phase. the grass in the middle is gone.

the roses have been prolific bloomers this year.

and here's a quick look in the bathroom door. i found the shelf at the goodwill. $10 took it home. a fresh coat of paint....

i had several garden club functions this week. we weeded, pruned, and planted a downtown corner on wednesday. thursday was the district meeting in kearney. i took three of my concrete rhubarb leaves along for the auction. they were the high-bid items for the day. a long day. i left at 7:15 and didn't get home until after 6. and saturday we took a garden tour in a little town about a 1/2 hour south-ish from here. we saw 6 different gardens. some practical, some whimsical, all intersting. and the columbines - wow!! our reaction was that odd combination of inspiring and depressing. lots of work at all of them. big bucks for some of them. they'd had hail and flooding in the area during the last few weeks so it was a special effort for some of these people to get everything cleaned up and functional let alone ready for the event. all in all - a fun day.

11 June, 2008


the first clemetis. i also picked my first rose yesterday. i have 4 roses and they are all just loaded with buds. pictures will follow soon.

TA DA!! i guess all the mess on the table has its payoff. this new class is proving to be a fun challenge.

we have reached the 'detail' stage. can i honestly hope that this weekend finshes the project??

03 June, 2008

rarely seen phenom

* consider yourself warned * the photo that follows is not for the faint-hearted.
as our kids were growing up there one spot in the house that was sacrosanct. as a family, we ate together everyday at the table. our table was not used for piling schoolbooks, mail, whatever. we ate there. over the years i've tried (and been reasonably successful)to maintain that "no-fly-zone". with tim in school, i've ceded a portion of the table to him as a work space. until recently i've kept a place setting on one "corner" (it's a round table) so i would have somewhere to sit for my meals. with the bathroom renovation under way i've lost not only the battle but the will to wage that particular war. and tim's break is over. he began class again today, adding books and the assorted essential study paraphernalia (read: coffee cups)to the mix. so scroll down - if you dare - and take a look at something my kids probably never thought they'd see in their lifetime. it will change. one day. ah, the simple things we look forward to...

national garden week 2008

our garden club put together a display in the lobby of the public library. we have a proclamation signed by the mayor, our labeled specimens, and some information pertinent to our club.


something happened today that hasn't happened in quite some time......apparently the new question when buying alcohol at walmart is: "is customer under 40?" i was asked for id today!! and while vanity prohibits the posting of my photo it doesn't interfere with the telling of the story!!

01 June, 2008

irises have long been a favorite and i'm glad to say that they are beautiful and abundant this year.

tomorrow the garden club will be putting up a display at the library for national garden week. i've got a poster, some promotional info, complete with photos, and the proclamation signed by the mayor. pictures will be posted later.
i also made a few more leaf castings this weekend, moved some furniture around outside, helped with the mowing, weeded, moved some plants around, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.


tim hasn't received much "ink" lately so i'm going to give him his own entry. his break from classes is almost over. he'll be cracking the books again next week.
we spent a frustrating hour today hanging the new light fixture only to find that one of the sockets didn't work. (its a curved arm with 4 individual, positional lamps)so that will be returned on tuesday and there was plenty to keep him busy...

you can see a hint of color here. we painted, the tub is in, the pipes all connected,the surround done. install the sink, hang the wallpaper. tend to a few last details. wrap it all up. tim has worked hard, made adjustments on the fly and done a very good job. and he mowed, too!!