03 June, 2008

rarely seen phenom

* consider yourself warned * the photo that follows is not for the faint-hearted.
as our kids were growing up there one spot in the house that was sacrosanct. as a family, we ate together everyday at the table. our table was not used for piling schoolbooks, mail, whatever. we ate there. over the years i've tried (and been reasonably successful)to maintain that "no-fly-zone". with tim in school, i've ceded a portion of the table to him as a work space. until recently i've kept a place setting on one "corner" (it's a round table) so i would have somewhere to sit for my meals. with the bathroom renovation under way i've lost not only the battle but the will to wage that particular war. and tim's break is over. he began class again today, adding books and the assorted essential study paraphernalia (read: coffee cups)to the mix. so scroll down - if you dare - and take a look at something my kids probably never thought they'd see in their lifetime. it will change. one day. ah, the simple things we look forward to...

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