27 May, 2011

Read it and weep....

Oh the difference a few days can make.

Last Friday we were driving back to Nebraska from Grimes.  Tim had finished his last day of work, I had interviewed for a position at the Grimes Public Library and seen the new house for the first time.
We were smiling, thinking happy thoughts, making plans to finish packing, secure the uhaul, sign off
on the house here, and head east to start our next big adventure.
We were one week away from closing.

We received two phone call during the drive.
  The first was an official offer for the library post which I accepted.
The second was an unofficial warning that our buyers had run into trouble with their loan and would spend the weekend trying to figure out what they could do to salvage the situation.
 The smiling came to an abrupt end.
We were one week away from closing. 

We made several suggestions - creative financing that we could offer the buyers - and waited.
2:00 Monday afternoon they withdrew. We have no buyer.  

There were phone calls, many many phone calls over the weekend as we tried to make things happen on this end and worked to determine our options on the other end, as well.
The people in Grimes have been very helpful. We will sign on the dotted line, as scheduled, on Tuesday.

Tim starts his new job on Wednesday.  I can return to my old job at the library and pick up some
hours while I stay here for another month.
We'll hope for a fast sale.  

11 May, 2011


In a previous post Naphtali left a comment about coming to help me paint.  We've been discussing Aidan's summer plans and had already penciled in a week for her and Aidan to paint at the new place, followed by a week of Aidan here (there?) on his own.  That will be a fun/productive visit.  Here's a bit more of the back story.

Last week (?) I had sent Naphtali a link with pictures of the house and a general comment about painting.  Her reply made me laugh - something along the lines of:

YES!  let's get some paint on those bathroom cabinets!

This, however, was the picture that I had thought might provoke an urgent offer to help:

She never mentioned it....

What do you think:  Which room cries out for immediate attention?!

09 May, 2011

Housekeeping details

Mother's Day brought phone calls all around - my kids, my mother - it was good to talk with everyone.

Grades were posted today.  My 4.0 is intact.

The good ladies of the Garden Club had me out for lunch today.  Another round tomorrow with another group of Intrepids.  

04 May, 2011

Here it is

The offer has been accepted.
There are a few formalities to observe, 
but this should be where you'll find us the first week in June.