29 August, 2010

Something new

Saturday was spent in Columbus, NE, at an all day lab for my biology class.  18 students were expected - 14 showed - an interesting mix of ages (I'm pleased to add that the instructor is older than me) and motivations.  We were given a run down on lab journals, charts and graphs, and the procedures that would help make our at home experiments a success. We practiced with microscopes, which were then packed up, signed out, and sent home with us. 

I'll need to set up  place for my equipment and establish the control onditions for the first phase of my Euglena project.
Should be fun.

On the home front - Tim took Charlie to work with him.  Out of the facility most of last week, and heading east again tomorrow for a couple days, Tim  put in a few hours at work on Saturday and Sunday.  Charlie, in what is no surprise to some of us, has the makings of a good therapy dog. Tim reports that he was well mannered and obedient.   His coat is growing in and  he had a bath on Tuesday so he was shiny and soft and just starting to curl around the edges - handsome, in fact, and he thrives on the exchange of affection/attention.   

23 August, 2010

Did you get the memo?

There are days,  at the library, that we have time to speculate on some of the bigger questions like:
Who sends the memo!?
A book sits on the shelf for months.  One day three people, with no connection to each other, come in and ask for that book.  Who said what to bring that particular book to the general attention of the reading public?  We always check the Sunday paper - maybe there was a review or reference?  A passing comment on Oprah?  GMA? 
Or within weeks of each other, two (or more) authors will release a book featuring a similar story line.  I recently read new books by Dick Francis and David Rosenfelt.  Both story lines involved an Iraq veteran who had lost a leg below the knee.  What are the chances!? 

21 August, 2010

By any other name...

                      Roasting ears...sweet corn...corn on the cob...
a summertime staple - no matter what you call it

17 August, 2010

Birthday Greetings

Happy Birthday, James!

15 August, 2010

Friday the 13th

Tim and I were married on a Friday night - August 13, 1976 - a Friday the 13th.  So when the plumber replacing our hot water heater the other day, explained that he was late because he'd had trouble at the preceeding job by shrugging his shoulders and saying, "Friday the 13th!", I just smiled. 
We were both out of town last week.  I left on Saturday for central Iowa, returning Tuesday.  Tim left for Indianapolis on Sunday, back again Thursday.  I had his package wrapped and ready for him when I left for work on Thursday, knowing that he would be home before me.  And he had mine ready, too, when I got home that night.  Over the years he's done a pretty good job of finding some pretty good loot for anniversaries and such.  This year's will be one of my favorites.  Here's part of it - I wish the camera did them justice:

They simply sparkle.  These tiny ruby buttons are faceted cut glass.  They are gorgeous.

My break is flying by - one week left!
There has been progress on my list - the curtain is up, some of the weeds have been tackled. Closets and drawers have been cleaned.  I've managed to do some reading and a little online shopping.  I've taken, and passed, a CLEP in American Lit.
Here's a glimpse of the weekend in Fort Dodge.  It was sooo hot!  The drive there was uneventful.  Naphtali and Aidan were available for part of my visit and, as always, it was a treat to see them.  On Sunday,we went over to see my sister and Mike.  He's been busy siding the farm house and it looks great.  We looked in at the horses and new kittens, and played with the dogs a bit.  This kitten found a cool place to nap.  My mom and I sat in the shade and watched everyone else cavorting in the pool.
Naphtali and Aidan
Andrea grilled some chicken, fixed sweet corn and fed us a good summertime meal.  Although black tie was optional, Aidan came to the table in what looked like a smoking jacket over his swim trunks and COWBOY BOOTS!
Yes, let's put those two ideas in the same sentence, again.  Here is Aidan wearing COWBOY BOOTS!  We (Grandma Donna, Naphtali, Aidan and I) had looked for a pair at several places Saturday night, including the Goodwill, and though we didn't find COWBOY BOOTS, we did find a necessary piece of COWBOY gear - a guitar.  Why were we looking for cowboy gear?  His camp has a dress-up day each Monday, they've done clowns and rock stars, and the next was cowboy.  He found a mustache, jeans and plaid shirt, hat, and this wonderful guitar!
On our way to Andrea's, we made one last stop to look for the COWBOY BOOTS.  Aidan tried on several pair and he loved them!  Now, some might think that is a bit of an exaggeration, but let me point out that he told his mother that if he got the black pair he could wear the COWBOY BOOTS to school.  Sound logic and sartorial sense.  
I happen to think there are few things cuter than a lanky kid in shorts and COWBOY BOOTS.  Jacob wore them for years.  We had mentioned to Naphtali several years ago that the day would come for Aidan, and let's just say she was less than thrilled with the idea.  So permit me this small measure of glee - a boy should have COWBOY BOOTS - at least for a season - and Aidan is quite dapper in his. 
By the way, he opened car doors and made sweeping bows as we seated ourselves, in imitation of the doormen he had seen in NYC.  It was great.  James and Naphtali have such a delightful son.  I'm looking forward to the pictures of Aidan in full regalia.  (if you can refer to COWBOY duds as regalia)
They headed north from there and my mom and I returned to Fort Dodge.  We went to the apple orchard, played scrabble, caught up on recent events.  It was a good visit.

04 August, 2010

Cool beans!

Cool beans!

Tim worked on these the other night.  They are asparagus beans, which grow 14-18 inches long.  He added a bundle of thai basil and a gorgeous clove of garlic from a local farmers market. (He grew the basil and beans)  I passed through the kitchen when he was prepring the herbs and they were simply lovely -  but I had my hands full at the moment and was on my way to ...something and it never occured to me to take a picture. 

Over the weekend he made strawberry jam and a first, smallish batch of apricot.  Monday night I helped with a large batch of apricot jam.  We had time to chat while we stirred and watched our respective pots of apricots - a companionable way to pass an evening.

With an unexpected free week, having finished my schoolwork early, I've made a start on my list of things to squeeze into the break.  (classes start again 23 August)
My hair has been trimmed.  Cleaning has commenced.  There is a Clep scheduled for Friday.
The bed in the spare room has various piles started with things that will make the trip with me on Saturday, and a list of things I need to pick up while in Fort Dodge.  Naphtali's recent post reminded me to charge some batteries, not that there will be anything as interesting as the streets of NYC to shoot this weekend, but one should be prepared, n'est ce pas?