15 August, 2010

Friday the 13th

Tim and I were married on a Friday night - August 13, 1976 - a Friday the 13th.  So when the plumber replacing our hot water heater the other day, explained that he was late because he'd had trouble at the preceeding job by shrugging his shoulders and saying, "Friday the 13th!", I just smiled. 
We were both out of town last week.  I left on Saturday for central Iowa, returning Tuesday.  Tim left for Indianapolis on Sunday, back again Thursday.  I had his package wrapped and ready for him when I left for work on Thursday, knowing that he would be home before me.  And he had mine ready, too, when I got home that night.  Over the years he's done a pretty good job of finding some pretty good loot for anniversaries and such.  This year's will be one of my favorites.  Here's part of it - I wish the camera did them justice:

They simply sparkle.  These tiny ruby buttons are faceted cut glass.  They are gorgeous.

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Debora said...

Oh Ilona....the mention of your wedding day on Fri. the 13th brought my thoughts back to that night we witnessed you saying those vows!!! I remember the church, Pastor Hawk (right?) and the few that attended. How many years ago? 1976?