04 August, 2010

Cool beans!

Cool beans!

Tim worked on these the other night.  They are asparagus beans, which grow 14-18 inches long.  He added a bundle of thai basil and a gorgeous clove of garlic from a local farmers market. (He grew the basil and beans)  I passed through the kitchen when he was prepring the herbs and they were simply lovely -  but I had my hands full at the moment and was on my way to ...something and it never occured to me to take a picture. 

Over the weekend he made strawberry jam and a first, smallish batch of apricot.  Monday night I helped with a large batch of apricot jam.  We had time to chat while we stirred and watched our respective pots of apricots - a companionable way to pass an evening.

With an unexpected free week, having finished my schoolwork early, I've made a start on my list of things to squeeze into the break.  (classes start again 23 August)
My hair has been trimmed.  Cleaning has commenced.  There is a Clep scheduled for Friday.
The bed in the spare room has various piles started with things that will make the trip with me on Saturday, and a list of things I need to pick up while in Fort Dodge.  Naphtali's recent post reminded me to charge some batteries, not that there will be anything as interesting as the streets of NYC to shoot this weekend, but one should be prepared, n'est ce pas?

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Jakob said...

lokin good! cant wait to sample some of those tasty goodies! i'll have some stuff for you guys to munch on this year as well!