31 July, 2010


This can all be put away. .. 

because this says I'm done:

Ilona, I'm not going to bother returning your paper because I can fit my comments in here. First, you're one of the few students who I can waive the final draft requirements. Making you re-submit and me reread serves neither of us well at this point. Your consistent excellent work earns you an "A" in the class.


Valerie said...

Congratulations! Now yu can truly enjoy your three school-free weeks.

Is there normally an evaluation following each course? If not, there should be so that you can comment on both the poitive and negative aspects of a course. Administrators take the evals seriously and are good judges of who has a grudge and who is genuinely interested in making the course/program better. If evals are not a normal part of the program,check with the powers-that-be to find out why.

What was your topic by the way?

On Second Street said...

congrats mom. however if you copied that note verbatim, his grammer was pretty bad. enjoy your free time though! we will expect to see a lot of blog posts!

downthegardenpath said...

Thank you.

It was a cut and paste job - those were his words.
there is a survey (if it's like the previous classes) which asks for bubble responses of disagree, strongly disagree etc. No option to write in comments...
My topic? Will this generation [baby boomers] characterized by challenge and change be able to bring progressive innovations to the culture of senior care; innovations that will support the physical and emotional needs of their own aging, allowing them to maintain a familiar and purposeful lifestyle?
The short answer is yes...
It was fun to research - I especially enjoyed Theodore Roszak's "The Making of an Elder Culture."

Valerie said...

Wow...I would love to read your paper if you don't mind. With the beginning of each semester, I come face-to-face with my physical and emotional needs as I face the 20-22year olds. Can I lead? Can I keep up? How long can I do this?