14 July, 2010

Catching up

 We had hail over the weekend.  Both Saturday and Sunday nights.  These pictures are from the damage on Saturday night.  We had egg-sized hail.  There are broken windows, which my pictures failed to catch, so you'll just have to take my word for it, but you can see several of the holes  punched in the "shutters" and the mess it made of the siding. There were branches down, leaf debris everywhere. The weather service reported 94 mph winds on Sunday.  Less debris, (due in part to the fact that it all came down the day before?) but we lost the robin nest in the maple tree in the backyard.  The hail on Sunday was probably about the size of those glass pebbles you get for flower arrangements.  This window has broken panes on both the inside and outside.

This window is broken just on the outside pane.  Tim has a few dings on his car, mine was safely in the garage.  We had just been talking about how spoiled I've been with an attatched garage.  One of our daydreams includes a generous double stall, attached garage, with a drain in the floor. 
The insurance people were called Monday morning, we are in the queue for assessment. 

I am writing from the library because the new wireless system that Tim worked so hard to get in place for me, refuses to play nice with my Norton 360, or maybe it's the other way around, either way I have no wireless, have been managing fine with a combination of my laptop and Tim's PC, but last night the electricity was out for an undetermined amount of time and this morning there was no wireless to be had.  Anyway...

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On Second Street said...

wow - sounds like quite a weekend. 94 mph winds??? so if you are getting new siding are you going to change it up a little? do something new? that would be fun. we are at j & k and about ready to head to the beach and rest our weary feet after a long day in NYC.