26 July, 2010

flotsam and jetsam

We had a busy weekend.  My assignments were turned in early Friday afternoon, I didn't have to work Saturday, it was actually nice enough to work outside - and so we did.  Weeding and tending and planning and plenty more waiting to be done.  My half price - half dead hydrangea from last season is looking wonderful.  We turned the air conditioner off for a couple days - it went back on this morning.

Friday morning I rode my bike down the hill to town and ran a few errands.  When I got back about 10:30 I was hot, thirsty and surprisingly hungry.  But  I realized it had already been over 4 hours since I'd had my bowl of cereal....
Tim fixed an amazing shrimp stir fry with asparagus beans, peppers and thai basil from our garden.  Cucumbers have been doing well.

There are 2 weeks of classes left in this session.  I will be writing a paper over the next few days, rough draft to be submitted on Friday.  In preparation I've been reading Theodore Roszak's "The making of an Elder Culture," which I have found fascinating.  Roszak first applied the term counter culture to the baby boomers and this book looks at how they (we) have handled aging.  It's given me much to think about....

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