29 August, 2010

Something new

Saturday was spent in Columbus, NE, at an all day lab for my biology class.  18 students were expected - 14 showed - an interesting mix of ages (I'm pleased to add that the instructor is older than me) and motivations.  We were given a run down on lab journals, charts and graphs, and the procedures that would help make our at home experiments a success. We practiced with microscopes, which were then packed up, signed out, and sent home with us. 

I'll need to set up  place for my equipment and establish the control onditions for the first phase of my Euglena project.
Should be fun.

On the home front - Tim took Charlie to work with him.  Out of the facility most of last week, and heading east again tomorrow for a couple days, Tim  put in a few hours at work on Saturday and Sunday.  Charlie, in what is no surprise to some of us, has the makings of a good therapy dog. Tim reports that he was well mannered and obedient.   His coat is growing in and  he had a bath on Tuesday so he was shiny and soft and just starting to curl around the edges - handsome, in fact, and he thrives on the exchange of affection/attention.   


Valerie said...

This is amazing! Did you know you would be setting up your own lab? I had to look up Euglena. Good luck with that....

Valerie said...

Also you are much too modest. It is a long story, but I googled your name over the weekend and up popped your name on the President's Honor List for your first semester. 4.0. Congratulations!

downthegardenpath said...

Thank you.
and thank you.
I have to admit my curiosity - I have never googled my name - why is it a long story?

Valerie said...

It had to do with figuring out how to spell Maiwurm. I routinely google names and just thought I would try yours. It came up in connection to garden club activities, too.