25 October, 2009

sunday evening

i have sheets yet to put on the bed but have otherwise finished my 'chores'.

there's no use trying to summerize the previous week beyond tim was gone, time was alternately well-used and wasted, we're glad to be all in the same place, again. i will add that tim was elected (by his peers) to a 3 year term on the president's advisory committee for vetter heatlth services.

this next week is shaping up to be busy, as well.

today we made mu shu pork, one of my favorites. tim went for new tires and came home with mushrooms, fresh ginger and all sorts of good stir fry ingredients for the week. we chopped and slivered and woked our way to a delicious dish. we even made our own 'pancakes'!! roll 2 three inch circles (from the log of dough), brush with sesame oil and stack oiled sides together. roll to 6-7 inches and cook in your hot skillet. flip once. they separate (like magic!) after cooking. tender, fresh, yum!!

too icky for any serious yard work - after our snow on thursday. but i did rake a few leaves and charlie and i enjoyed a couple walks.

i do have to mention the early birthday surprise that came this week. valerie sent a lovely (and i do mean lovely) hermes scarf!! it will make the trip to connecticut with us in 2 weeks.

for those of you who kept hoping for photos we have arrived at the bottom and there are none!! so sorry.

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Secondstreetdesigns said...

that's right.... it is almost your birthday! I wish I culd say I already put a fabulous gift in the mail.