27 October, 2009


i think the trick to most blog entries is waiting for inspiration. what do i have to say that is of any interest to anyone!? really!!

i feel like i've been on the run for the past week or so and it's not over yet. appointments, meetings, errands, extras, in addition to the normal routines have found me up early, busy late and just plain on the go in between!! (i still have to do my nails tonight!!)

thankfully the weather has been cooperative - though that is supposed to change thursday - so i've been wearing my tweed jacket a lot these days. (we're obviously taking the scenic route to reach whatever point i have in mind) if i leave the house early i want to wear gloves and a scarf which i'll discard as the day's weather progresses. i don't, however, want to snip open the pockets on my jacket. i also don't want to just drop my gloves in the car, bury them in my purse...
this morning inspiration struck!!!!
at some point in time i snagged this from my mother. i'd never seen anything like it and had to ask what it was. it was/is a glove thingie!! back in the day when gloves were de rigueur you would attach it to your purse handle and fasten your gloves to keep track of them while you're lunching, for exapmle.
never one to pass up the "you never know" factor i took it home where it sat in my shadowbox, unused but lovely to look at, for quite some time. it has decorative etching, a cute clasp and today it has a purpose again!!

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Valerie said...

What a great idea. Love the glove/bag color combo...