12 April, 2010


It seems that grass is turning green and flowers are blooming ---Overnight!! These lovelies certainly did!!
You can see the peonies up about 6 inches behind the daffodils, which were not open yesterday when I called it a day. The delicate lavender blossoms on the phlox (I think it's phlox) appeared sometime today while I was at work, as did the red tulips that can just barely be seen against the wall. I have to admit I've never seen those tulips before...They've haven't been there in previous years; because you have to dig them in so deep I know I didn't put them there and I certainly wouldn't bury them behind the peonies. Oh, well.

This trellis creation is my Christmas present from James and Naphtali. It spent several months at months at my mother's, waiting to be claimed after Christmas. I've been moving around the yard looking for the right spot, and this may be it!

Friday, Saturday and Sunday homework, housework and yard work made claims on my time and attention. It felt good to get the winter debris cleared away, dig a few weeds and get a look at all the budding/greening that is happening around the house. Tim and I both pitched in on various projects and made mental lists (they will find their way to paper) of things, some necessary, some optional, yet to be done. Charlie loved being outside and I did, too. Blankets were hung to air, windows opened, good days. I switched from flannel to regular sheets this weekend, also. There have been some (too many) years that it seems I switched too early but maybe this year I got it right.

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bethany said...

Ilona, you are such a greenthumb...I'm always jealous of your ability to make things grow so beautifully :)

I saw that trellis on Naphtali's blog, too, and am so in love with it. Makes me wish I had a little yard and some dirt to grow things in! :)

And...did you say peonies? Can't wait to see them this summer...!