21 January, 2011


Tim is on his way home!
I'm trying to get an assignment and some laundry finished so my time is relatively free while he's here, but there are the inevitable distractions...
If I get my distractions out of the way then I can concentrate more effectively on those things calling for my attention.  Right?

 This was taken earlier this week.  During our phone calls Tim had mentioned (several times) that there had been no sunshine on his end of our connection.  So, in his honor, I wore a bit of blue skies to work.  Snow on the ground, clouds above, and just that small band of blue.  Mine came in the form of a 3/4 sleeve pullover from JJill, in a rich but not "royal" shade of blue. Off white tee and pants complete the idea.

Yes, this is my desk chair with Charlie and I in our standard positions:
slogging through homework and
faithful attendant.

Hope you have a good weekend. 

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