04 January, 2011

Mea Culpa

In the midst of all the activity of the weekend, something important was overlooked.


We painted, shifted goods, cleaned cupboards and floors, and and and.  By Sunday night I was in full sinus infection mode (my teeth hurt) with an earache and restricted airflow but even that is no excuse for forgetting to acknowledge

Tim's birthday. 

 The present had been secured before Christmas because I've learned not to make any plans for that week between Christmas and his birthday on January 2.  This has probably worked well, though, because if I'd had the presence of mind to say anything over the weekend - it probably would have been just
Happy Birthday! 
 Today I'm feeling up to the challenge of communicating something (reasonably brief, because he'll squirm with the added attention) about him.

We are about to begin another new adventure, while some might say we've had our fair share of them.  And we have.  We have lived and been and seen and known some amazing people and places and things and opportunities, all because this guy isn't afraid to step out and try something new.  He's good at what he does.  He's level headed, solid in his outlook, focused, generous, self effacing, supportive, compassionate, and working on a set of killer abs (but I was going to be brief).
I've shared his adventures for 30+ years and look forward what's ahead for us. 

Happy birthday, Tim.


Valerie said...

How perfect! Sounds like you are feeling better.

On Second Street said...

i was laying in bed last night and i realized i had forgotten his birthday too. i am so sorry! his gift (the one i exchanged) is up on the guest bed.