01 June, 2010

Change of plans

I had soooo much trouble with my laptop this morning.  The original plan was school work.  Couldn't get past the first page of anything.  OK.  Plan B was use Tim's computer.  It was no better.  Plan C - blog.  That wouldn't work either.  I hit the button once and logged out - I don't know what happened next.....
So, last Thursday Tim and I left for the Cities.  Naphtali and James have traditionally gone to the Boundary Waters over Memorial Day weekend.  I have gone up to stay with Aidan. This year they decided he was old enough to go along, and invited Tim and I to join them, as well.  Aidan was a delightful camping companion.  He worked hard, didn't complain, snored effectively enough to keep the bears at bay, fished, paddled, chatted, skipped rocks, used an ax, chased mudbugs all with a smile on his face. (a face which had recently lost 2 front teeth)  The major packing was done before bedtime Thursday night.  We had 3 large packs for sleeping bags, tents, cooking and rain gear - camp stuff. We also had smaller (typical) backpacks with food and personal stuff. 

This is some of the gear in the living room the night before we left on our adventure.

Yes, this is the last picture I took before we hit the road Friday morning. 

We drove about 4 hours north and stopped for breakfast.
I think we were in Ely.

We picked up life jackets, paddles, canoes, permits and licenses and set out.

The CRV (cute recreational vehicle) worked great.  Plenty of space to stash everything, 3 comfortably seated in back, easy on the gas.....

                                                                  1/2 way there.

  According to the map it was just short of 10 miles (or maybe a bit over 9 1/2) (depends, I 'spose, on how much zigzagging you did)  After roughly (did I say roughly?) 4 hours of paddling we arrived to enjoy the comfort of

Home sweet home.

I'll save the rest for another installment.  The fishing was wild.  Everything tasted sooo good.  The scenery, quiet and enforced restfulness of the place was a treat. 


Valerie said...

You changed your plan to not include the post?

I was hoping to see photos of the boundary waters.

Valerie said...

How wonderful. What a great adventure. Looking forward to reading Part 2.