20 June, 2010

Due to technical difficulties...

The photos I wanted to include for this post are on my laptop, while I am on Tim's computer - so they will be added later. (feel free to envision the following scenes anyway you like)

Tim has said that the amount of clutter on the kitchen table is a good way to gauge my stress/distraction levels.  Hmmm what would this picture suggest?:

(insert image of clutter)

I did no school work yesterday.  We took a drive, meandering through the sandhills, pointing at clouds and trains and washouts.  Chitchat ruled the day.  It was a palate-cleansing day, therapeutic,and companionable.  Tim grilled chicken when we got home.  We watched some golf...

(insert scenery)

  I slept over ten (10) hours both Friday and Saturday nights, with a short nap while we were driving.  I hope that catches me up on sleep!  This morning I cleaned off the table.  There is laundry in the washing machine and a few outside chores calling for my attention.  Homework will happen.  Rain is threatening.  Tim is getting the oil changed in his car.  We already did the Father's Day gifts and I will add a quick word of appreciation for his help and support.  (and the lawn mowing)

 (insert image of buff guy mowing lawn)

Today I'm feeling mellow yet recharged.  Tomorrow it will be business as usual for both of us and I think we're ready.  Hope you are, too.

(insert image of glorious sunrise)

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