22 July, 2011

A Beginning

I spent last week in Grimes.  Not realizing that we were headed for the hottest week of the year I had dug up some of my lavender to transplant.  I dug out several bushes,

 which was really hard work, along the driveway, planted the lavender, and well, lets' just say they deserved a better fate.  I was able to find some fresh plants when I returned to Nebraska and will baby them until I can get them in the ground in Iowa - probably next week.  It.was.so.hot.  It was almost too hot to walk Charlie already at 7:30/8:00 each morning.

I also did paperwork and orientation at the Grimes Public Library.  My first day will be Tuesday, August 2.  This means that I will probably wait until late next week to return to Grimes.  We'll see.

On my return to Nebraska I had yard work to do.  I was eaten alive.  There won't be any pictures, but I have welts - some of them 4 inches - on my arms and legs.  They should market an economy size tube of anti-itch stuff.  At my current rate of use I'll need another tube tomorrow.

We still don't have a date for our closing so plans are being made a few days at  time as we wait out these last 2 (or so) weeks.

I also have plans to phase out this blog but have made a start here:
to cover aspects of a new life in Grimes/Des Moines.  Stop over and take a look.
My biggest problem is that I can't find the French audio word of the day gadget, and can't figure out how to transfer it to the new blog.  I may have to keep this blog active just to enjoy that gadget.  Any suggestions?

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