27 September, 2008

twice, actually

aidan (read naphtali) slept fitfully his first night so naphtali decided that the hot tub before bed might be a good idea on the next night. it was. everyone slept well. and aidan had a great time sitting in the hot tub with his daddy. twice, actually.

during our trip i was informed - twice, actually - by aidan that "i don't know that yet, nana. there are some things that i don't know yet (i am just a kid) but someday i'll know everything". hmmm... forewarned is forearmed. it makes a cute story just reading it flat like this but to have heard the earnestness in his voice along with the shrugs and gestures was simply too much for me!!
i should add that james experienced more that his fair share of hot water on this trip. he also washed a lot of dishes for us.

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