24 September, 2008

changing scenery - deux

it's so hard to capture the granduer of the mountains (although naphtali has done a pretty good job of it) so i think i'll share some of the smaller thrills with you.

the wild turkeys delicately picking their way through the morning mist outside our cabin,

the bull elk bugling his intentions across the basin, oblivious of the spectactors chased off the mountain by an afternoon rain storm,and.....

the brain trust

gathered under cover of darkness at this heretofore undisclosed location to solve the world's problems.

these are the smaller pleasures. the images and sounds that take their quiet place among the bold and grand memories of a trip to the mountains.


Secondstreetdesigns said...

the cigar pictures????? why didn't you put the one of you smoking on the blog?

downthegardenpath said...

nice try, naphtali - we all know that picture doesn't exist for a good reason!! but i figured with the poor quality of the shot (i was laughing) you might pass unrecognized. besides - when was the last time you were referred to a part of a brain trust??