16 September, 2008

changing seasons

growing up we drank koolaid every summer. we had a dedicated pitcher using 3 packets to 2 cups of sugar. did the last day of school prompt the first pitcher of the summer?? did it disappear at labor day?? i don't remember. i just know that it was a staple of summer at our house.
at some point in my own home i switched to country time as the summer-time beverage of choice. at yet another point i thought that i should learn to drink tea. it seemed a mature thing to do. who was i kidding?? i did try. i gave it an honest try. my compromise was sun tea (made with green tea) as the base for my country time lemonade, thinking that at some yet to be encountered point, i could gradually decrease the country time and find myself (drum roll please) a tea drinker. who, indeed, was i kidding??
last week the cool weather prompted thoughts not just of flannel sheets and sweatshirts but more seriously of the possibility of the summer's last jug of 'tea'

this week we have tempera-tures forecast for the 80s and there is a fresh batch of tea in the fridge. it should be the last but i have enough country time left for another jug and fall in nebraska can be an extended season. the leaves are beginning to fall. the nights are cool, mornings crisp but if the sun shines warmly there is still time for one last round of summer time's beverage of choice. salut.


Valerie said...

And, of course, cherry was the flavor of choice...in my memory anyway. I do remember that pitcher fondly!

Have a wonderful trip to Colorado. I expect to see photos on all blogs.

downthegardenpath said...

i always looked for grape.
i've checked batteries - everything is ready. we'll leave in the morning. i'm looking forward to a good time.

Barb Buckton said...

and I loved coming to your house because you HAD Kool-Aid!