24 September, 2008

changing scenery

kudos to naphtali for managing to get her 3rd entry covering our trip to colorado posted. this is a pathetic first for me.... and due to time constraints and a sloooow computer you're only getting 2 photos and a short comment.

this trip has been one of the highlights of our year since we came out here in 2003 (can you believe we've been here 5 years!?) we look forward to seeing the 'kids', naphtali's newest haircolor, aidan's growth, james' sartorial statement and the mountains. i can feel time, irritations, routines slip away as we begin to wind our way through the big thompson canyon. for me it truly is an other worldly place. i wish we could get away more often. last year we made a trip with jacob and kate, naphtali and aidan in june as well as our traditional september run with the kahls and that was a treat.

aidan is now able to hike along with us so we have made some adjustments to the our trail picks. and he doesn't just walk - he hopsskipsrunsaheadrunsbackchecksaplant ontheleftthrowsarocktotherightshowsgrandaacaterpillarandtalkschatterslaughs all along the way. if we've climbed 6.7 miles he's easily covered 10!!

we had some rain. saw more snow than usual. the aspens hadn't really begun changing so we missed their brilliant patches of color along the mountain sides. but we were there. and it was wonderful. i'll be back with another installment.

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Valerie said...

Style and form are just as important as quantity. I really like how you write. Sounds like you all had a great time. I look forward to further stories.