04 September, 2008

a common refrain

at the library is that none of us cook anymore. so why did i run 10 pages through the copier last night bringing home more recipes that will never be used?? what is it with cookbooks?? is there some mysterious (primal?) motivation for thumbing through cookbooks??
and of course our favorites are the christmas books that have begun to books to trickle in combining recipes with gift and decorating ideas. i took a few ideas from this one and it actually prompted plans (the whole idea really) for my mother-in-law's gift.

these books are so fun to browse. it's free. it's harmless and we do take and adapt some of the ideas presented in glossy perfection on their pages. i have to admit that a certain amount of eye rolling accompanies our perusals. yes, my breakfast table looks like that christmas morning. ( what fun it would be and with a few minor tweaks well within my range of time, talent and attention span !!) the bucket of party favors for the friends and neighbors at our holiday open house?? lets go with the mini scrapbook featuring vignettes from past parties. another reminder that some do seem to inhabit a parallell universe where chalk boards are hung from bedroom doors announcing the menu options for aunt susan's breakfast. so we look and make the appropriate oohs and aahs and have our fun and make our plans and look forward to the family visits and general hustlebustle of the holidays.

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Valerie said...

While I remain a die-hard magazine addict, I have to admit my list of bookmarked blog sites is getting longer and longer. For me, the sites provide that same soul soothing feeling that magazines do, and, given the cost of magazines here, for nothing. Does this mean I will stop buying magazines and tearing out pages of recipes and decorating ideas that I will NEVER use? Maybe some day but not today. In fact, we are already into September and I haven't bought the latest issues of my regulars. Hmmmm...maybe I am cutting back!