06 September, 2008


cool nights, brisk mornings and mild afternoons have been the pattern most of this past week. those days when the sky is high and blue and you notice that leaves are starting to change.
of course, i had planned to enjoy the fine weather with some ambitious weeding and outdoor work this weekend and its raining.
i'll have no trouble filling my day with indoor tasks. tim has finished this portion of the basement so we can put rooms back together, shelve books, arrange furniture, hang pictures. taking pictures to record/blog all these things still doesn't come automatically to me. this project would have made for good photo ops but by the time it registers that i should have taken pictures i've missed the visual impact point. or my hands are filthy. or my shoes are wet. so you won't see any 'before' or 'during' pictures of the basement. nor will you see the delicious pie i baked yesterday with those peaches, taking advantage of a lovely, mild september afternoon. or the cupboard full of peaches in the kitchen that will be processed for the freezer when i get done here.